You Won’t Believe What This Lottery Winner Did to His Swimming Pool


When Roy Gibney won the UK’s national lottery jackpot in 1998, one of his first investments was a £375,000 six-bedroom property in his hometown of Grimsby.

Now some 20 years later, Gibney has decided to put that very same property up for sale with an asking price of £1.125 million.

While the sprawling mansion features many of the perks you’d expect from a home with such a fee, it’s the property’s pool area that is likely to attract the most questions from potential bidders.

That’s because when installing the pool, Gibney decided to add a little reminder to himself about his big win. Tiled into the pool’s surface alongside some friendly-looking dolphins is the message:

“Roy Gibney

7.5 Million

8 July 1998”

Yes, Gibney decided to have his winning lottery numbers forever emblazoned onto ceramic tiles at the bottom of his swimming pool.

It remains to be seen whether this rather unique feature adds or subtracts from the property’s value.


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