Working together to make 2018 the best year ever!


A Personal Message From Jamie Mather…

Let me be frank… I need your help!

These Lotto Games aren’t going to win by themselves.

Someone keeps winning them, and mostly that’s not you.

We need to fix that. We need some massive, massive (silly even) wins under our belt so we can show everyone that Lotto Spring is the way to go. 

But we need to work together on this one.

Because, I can’t do this without you.  And if you want to grab every major lotto by the horns and get what you deserve then you can’t do it without me or my team (ok maybe you can if you are the luckiest person on earth this week).

But unless the gods have blessed you to be that “one-against-all-the-odds” winner, then we are going to need to leverage our technology with your teamwork to start raking in the cash.

And Cash would be really great in 2018… I think we can all agree on that!

Yea I know this all sounds a bit cash focused, and money can’t buy you happiness, but as the saying goes “It’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than at a freezing, cold bus stop!”

I doubt there have been that many times in your life when a bit more money wouldn’t have helped make your life better.  Right?

So, let’s agree to work together on the “make more money” part. I’ll leave you to work out the happiest way of spending that money.  On the note, what’s your plan for a big win?

For me, right now, it’s Travel and Lifestyle.

I’ve done the supercar thing, done the clubs and parties and I’ve done the “name in lights and screaming crowds” adoration thing too.

Maybe I’m older and wiser. Or may be I’m just long in the tooth and boring.

But now I’m ALL IN on the travel and lifestyle, showing my kids the world, different cultures, food, and life experiences thing.

My Daughter is turning 8 in a few days and she’s been all over the planet; Malta, UK many times, Road Trips from Vegas and across California, all over Sicily, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Finland, Cyprus, Scotland, all over Malaysia, Thailand many times, Loas, all over Vietnam, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Spain, Gibraltar and Bali several times.

She’s not even 8 and she’s on her 4th passport already. When I was 8 I’d never left the country.  In fact, a couple of trips to Blackpool or Cleethorpes was as good as it was going to get.

She has a scare under her right eye from when she ran into a casino table at 5am in the MGM Grand in Vegas. My wife was horrified by this, but I said it would be a very cool story. 

By the way, I was trying to take my kids for breakfast… not play Blackjack… just to be clear!

Last week I took her zip-lining in a Jungle across the Mekong River in northern Loa. She was fearless.  I was scared to death watching her throw herself down a 300 meter zip-line through treacherous terrain.

It’s all possible with money, some experience and a fundamental belief that life can be amazing if you invest your time and money wisely.

In fact, right now I’m writing this from “Café de Paris” whilst people-watching in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I’m in Singapore next week, Vietnam and Cambodia in 2 weeks’ time, Manila, Jakarta, and maybe back to Europe for my Brothers wedding after that.

I’m not saying all this to show off.  I’m saying this to show you that I’m living the life I PLANNED for myself.

I never want this trip to end.

And I know exactly how to keep it rolling forever…..

By picking something I’m passionate about and pushing, pushing, pushing it until it starts rolling in both immediate and long-term revenues.

What’s your WHY?
What would you do if you won the lotto tomorrow?
What do you work towards?

Financial Freedom, a glitzy lifestyle, or you just want to sleep better at night knowing you have a nest egg capable of protecting you and your family through any difficult times?

It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is to work with me to make it happen.

LottoSpring had a simple objective, or mission if you will…

Can we make everyone a winner?

Can we add a spark of life to every day, where people know that today could be the day that changes their lives (ok so I know we don’t have any games on Mondays, but any given Monday you can invite that person who’s team will win).

And how is all this possible?

Simple, we take all the money normally spent (wasted) on advertising and share it back in the pockets of our players.

This is bad news for TV personalities, Radio Commercial Stations, Marketing Agencies.  Instead, it’s good news for our Members who get the cash for sharing the success of Lotto Spring.

So, I hear you say, “Well Jamie what the hell is the plan for 2018?  Come on.. let us know!”

Okay, I’m glad you asked….

The Plan is very clear and very simple…

  • We are going to build the LottoSpring, ProSpring and New Giveaway Spring Brands.
  • We are going to upgrade our Marketing Machinery to be more sophisticated so that it targets better with fine-tuned emails.
  • We are going to launch some new training webinars to simplify, and amplify, the ProSpring Proposition.
  • Starting soon, we are doing Regular Live Official Opportunity Webinars.
  • We are going to email every lead you’ve ever sent to us to ensure that if they are ever to become players or syndicate team members, then we make sure it happens.
  • We have some tricks up our sleeve too but I’m not going to talk about those just yet.
  • My Personal marketing mission will be to create the most compelling ProSpring VIP Proposition ever and create maximum duplication.
  • And I want to add some new reporting features to our VIP Members back office to show them their marketing progress.
  • I want to use GiveawaySpring as the ultimate lead magnet… something no one could refuse. I’d like to build the subscriptions to create more and greater prizes, to create a critical mass of registrations, to scatter good news and prizes, to leverage every prize given away to help you invite even more prospects to enter our automated marketing machine.

But that’s all just nuts and bolts.  The real success of 2018 is going to be defined by the spirit of our members.

Excitement, Enthusiasm, Belief and Trust are the real tools of success and I have a few strategies to build that spirit.

With this we will create new members, create more winners, these winners will show the Power of the ProSpring system and make it easier to invite even more people to join the excitement.

That’s my plan for 2018.

But like I said… I can’t do this without you!

So, what’s your plan for 2018?

Play the games with us and cross your fingers?

Invite a few people, play for free and win every week?

Or go all in at VIP and build your way to five thousand or more blitz tickets per month and supercharge your Syndicate prize winning odds?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section of our Facebook Page..

Regardless of your expectations, and motivations, I firmly believe that what makes LottoSpring and ProSpring different from other ways to make money, is that it’s FUN!

And remember that the next person you refer to play, could be the one who goes LottoSpring crazy and refers hundreds of thousands of new players in your downline team.

So, let’s do this together.  We’re ready.  Are you?

I hope you are, because it’s an opportunity of a lifetime right now!

And, I’m counting on your help to win big!  

Wishing you awesome New Year celebrations plus well wishes for 2018 from the entire LottoSpring team.

Jamie Mather
The Entire LottoSpring Team

Happy New Year!


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