Winners of the LottoSpring 2.0 Pre-launch Webinar competition


We had record levels of Webinar participation, both for live and replay, where Jamie Mather and Prash Patel announced amazing news about LottoSpring 2.0.

We’re sure you’ve read the comments from attendees so there is no need to remind you how amazing it was! All we can say is – Mission accomplished! 

Thank you all for watching the webinar and for leaving your comments!animated-congratulation-image-0092

Here is what you were waiting for
with anticipation –

The Winners’ announcement.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!


# Name Username Country PRIZE
1 Paul H. adnet UK  1 Bottle of Champagne
2 Stephen I. Deliveryguy UK Subscription Refund
3 Przemyslaw D. Maggajwer UK Subscription Refund
4 Vladimir L. Chyenne Czech Republic Subscription Refund
5 Dougie M. stag66 UK Subscription Refund
6 Alexandr T. blagpapa RUSSIA Subscription Refund
7 Brent C. Curly Australia  2000 Blitz points Bonus
8 James B. jabb UK  2000 Blitz points Bonus
9 Paul M. wintime UK  2000 Blitz points Bonus
10 Miguel S. msoares Portugal  2000 Blitz points Bonus
11 John M. Taximan Irland  2000 Blitz points Bonus
12 Ade S. adesmith57 UK  2000 Blitz points Bonus
13 Yourwindsky S.S. windsky Nicaragua  2000 Blitz points Bonus
14 David and Lorraine S. loz121 UK  2000 Blitz points Bonus
15 Michael P. ashpark Irland  2000 Blitz points Bonus
16 Ray G. elysiumlife Portugal  2000 Blitz points Bonus
17 Gareth L. prowinner Irland  €15,00 Bonus Credit
18 Frank F. frankieboy Canada  €15,00 Bonus Credit
19 Andy  C. andyc UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
20 Peter L. phl5115 UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
21 David W. musicman UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
22 Conrad W. moneychaser UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
23 Chris S. chezbizopps UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
24 Charanjit S. utambiruti Malaysia  €15,00 Bonus Credit
25 Ronnie G.C. wingman Denmark  €15,00 Bonus Credit
26 Andreas H. primanewo Germany  €15,00 Bonus Credit
27 Tushar T. teamindia India  €15,00 Bonus Credit
28 Philip F. philuk UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
29 Pete A. bible Germany  €15,00 Bonus Credit
30 Simo N. sarmagedon Montenegro  €15,00 Bonus Credit
31 David J. Essentiallotto UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
32 Anna M. winwins4all Australia  €15,00 Bonus Credit
33 David H. choepo Canada  €15,00 Bonus Credit
34 Peter G. pesh UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
35 Mary P. mckinlay UK  €15,00 Bonus Credit
36 Josef K. lucky2016 Germany  €15,00 Bonus Credit

*** If your see your name on the list, please contact customer support to redeem the prize.

crazy-frogBy the way, our launch is going crazy!!!

It’s time to release your brakes and go for it,
because you are one of the first in the world
to be a part of the LottoSpring revolution!



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