How to Win the Lotto Every Week…for FREE


Everyone loves winning lottery prizes, plus most of us loves playing them too. The only thing we don’t like about lotteries is paying money to enter them. Fortunately, there’s a way to get around that. We’ve set up LottoSpring in such a way that smart players can win every time and spend absolutely nothing in the process. This is our little gift to everyone who ever wished lottery wins could come for free!

Social lotto = constant wins and free plays

LottoSpring’s social lotto revolution is catching on to thousands of players from over 100 countries. They have already tapped into our foolproof formula for never-ending prizes. Everyday, many more players are joining this social lotto revolution.

Social Lotto lets you play alongside your social networks. Everyone you invite enables you to earn extra chances to win, at a no extra cost. There’s no mystic mathematical formula to winning prizes through LottoSpring. Simply put, just ask a few of your friends along to register for the game, and you will get a free ride from there on in.

How it works

Recruiting new players for your social chain is as simple as sharing a link on social media with the click of a button. Players sign up, then we track the URL they used to reach us. Remember that your URL is unique to you, and however long it takes for your recruit to sign up— they would still get added straight into your team. 

Each player personally invited in your team earns you a FREE ticket every month they play – and each of these free tickets is guaranteed to win a prize.

If you have 3 people or more playing with you, you’ll receive up to 100% refund and play for free, not just once, but every month they play.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, every time your friends win a prize, you win a prize too!

Join the social revolution

This amazing social lotto system is called LottoSpring. People are inviting each other to play like crazy in over 100 countries already.

If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of; then we suggest you join now. Before they join and invite you, be sure to invite others to join your social circle! 😉


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