What is a Social Lotto and why should YOU be playing one?


Don’t feel bad if the term social lotto sounds unfamiliar to you—the whole idea is brand new! LottoSpring is the world’s first social lottery, offering a completely fresh take on one of Planet Earth’s most beloved games. We pay out more prize money, we’ve shaken up the gameplay formula, and most importantly of all, we’ve turbocharged the social aspect that makes all lotteries great.

About Social Lotto

A social lottery is like syndicate lottery gameplay on steroids. Our unique syndicates are automatically made up of 97 players from all over the world. Each member wins an equal share of every prize won, from up to 1036 entries, every single month. Which puts you in games up to 6 days per week. By offering the best chances and the most prizes to the players who recruit the newest players for their team, LottoSpring games inherently favour a social approach and encourage sharing.

Unlike a classic lotto syndicate, social lotto teams evolve constantly. Week after week, everyone’s chances of winning go up and up as more players are being added. 

Added Incentives

A social lotto can only grow if its players really love the game. Thankfully, a number of great incentives are offered to ensure we’ve got this base covered:

  1. We pay out more prize money.
  2. You win more often.
  3. You win when your teammates win.
  4. There are several ways to win every month.
  5. Recruit enough friends and you can play for free and get more bonuses, forever!

LottoSpring would like to thanks every player for helping us to spread the word. Hence, we promise to keep on rewarding you every month with FREE entries and all the incentives described above.

Stop getting ripped off by the big lotteries! Let’s have some good old-fashioned social fun while we’re at it. Finally, take on a better chance to win big!


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  1. Your Comment I would like lottospring to help me stay in the game by lowering the amount payed by me and help me get my 3 people on the first week

    • Dear Sello, we have many marketing tools which can help you to invite new players and start playing for free. Please contact customer support ([email protected]) if you need more detailed explanation about how to use them. We constantly develop LottoSpring trying to make it more interesting and exciting to play and easier for sharing and winning. All you need to do is just start using available marketing tools.

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