Unprecedented Launch Promotion


The New LottoSpring Game and ProSpring Opportunity is now live! 

It’s already kicking out prizes across many of our syndicates and people are building their stockpile of Blitz Points ready for some serious prize explosions at the end of the first period.

But let’s not stop there!

We don’t just want more blitz prizes and more winners.

We want to show everyone around us that it’s possible to quickly get 3 Personal referrals to start playing for FREE.

We want you to set the precedent of how it’s done, and at the same time create more winning stories to build greater and greater prize momentum.

What we will do in return is throw the entire cargo hold of Blitz Points your way if you get 3 or more new players in this first period.

They can be any membership level but the higher the level the more points we are priming to blow.


You can get any combination of 3 to get the points, but the lowest of the 3 will denote the amount of points.

So, for example: 

Lotto     Pro       Pro       =       1000 Blitz Points

But if you invite more than 3 we will always take the best 3 in to account.

So, for example:

Lotto     VIP       VIP       VIP      =      6000 Blitz Points

This offer is massive and it could quadruple our membership and create so many stories we’ll be telling them to our grandchildren for years……

Its LottoSpring 2.0, it’s new, the prizes are beyond compare, the opportunity is simple and brilliant, it’s proven yet new, nothing is more fun than winning money every week.

Creative-Tail-rocket.svgNow is the chance to get your 3, and if you already have 3 then build another 3.

It’s all for the  taking and the timing is now.

Lets go!


Terms and Conditions
To participate you must be an active paid member, this can include new people who have joined but are not in the current period but are in the next.
To qualify you have to refer 3 unregistered people or more in the current game period. Starting Tuesday the 6th of June to Tuesday the 4th of July 9am
Point will be awarded within 7 days of next period starting.
Any cancelations will not be counted in the qualification.
If you are not a paid active subscriber in the next game period you will miss the blitz benefits awarded.
Any issues or questions should be forwarded to support


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