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As you may have already known, LottoSpring is an amazing social lotto game, that allows you or anybody to Play for FREE and win more prizes when you share with others.

One of the easiest ways to share and build your winnings is to share exciting articles, information news and success stories on social media. When people read these articles about the power of LottoSpring and the massive prize potential—they will absolutely join your winning team.

We have just made it super simple to share posts by adding new social sharing buttons underneath every article or story on our LottoSpring Magazine.

You can share on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Email, and to a host of other potential social sharing sites. In each case, it automatically adds your personal username into the post. This means, we will exactly know who sent this new person to sign up with LottoSpring.

How to Use and Activate Social Sharing Buttons



To activate these buttons, simply login to your LottoSpring Account on After which, you will then go to the ‘Magazine’ section under LottoSpring category that utilizes a dropdown kind of menu and share a post using any of the sharing methods that we support.

The more articles, testimonials, and stories we add; the more you have to share and attract new people to join your team.

Once someone goes to your posted article, we will drop a cookie on their computer or phone so that when they join we know exactly who sent them.

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Build your Winning Team.

Continue to keep your eyes open for our new and exciting news, as well as articles that will boost interest around you and help build your never ending winning streak.


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  1. hi there,
    can you print the list of winners. Until now is for me nor worth to have a subscription. and the pictures of winners please where people live.


    • Hi Larissa! Thank you for your comment.
      If you go to our main page you’ll find information about latest winners (exact amount they won, their username and where they are from) which is constantly upgraded. Also people by themselves share their winning stories via Social network writing testimonials. However, we don’t have rights to publish list of winners with their personal information. All personal information is protected.

  2. Due to privacy we are bound not to publish the names & amounts of winners . The winners can absolutely free to share anything they want .
    You query is important because it can be helpful for us in many ways .
    After consulting the administration we with the consent of winners will circulate their names & amounts .

  3. We should start a new way to present our program with video testimonials of the winners , of course if they want so .
    With their consent we should also start written testimonies of the winner along with their pics / photos .
    According to the psychy of the peapl net users we should WITH COLLABORATIONS WITH HOT BRANDS NAME LIKE DEL , NOKIA ,SAMSUNG ect Include their products for lotto along with cash & TAKE ALL MEASURES TO MAKE IT AS MUCH TRANSPARENT AS POSSIBLE . Our lotto draw should be live with a CELEBRITY TO PUSH THE BOTTUN . Before this all participants should be allowed to check their numbers , name ect . All these will act as double edged weapon BOOST OUR LOTTO To the extent beyond our imaginations . I think these segesstion will work & if these did then I deserve a Del laptop if not the Jackpot as a gift .

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