How ProSpring Free Giveaway Tickets Work


Giveaway tickets are an amazing tool for ProSpring members to help build Social Circles. With this simple tool, you can easily introduce new people to LottoSpring with the click of a button.

What is a Giveaway Ticket?

ProSpring and ProSpring VIP Level Members are awarded “FREE Giveaway Tickets”. These Tickets are sharable through a code either in person or online. It is a fantastic marketing tool, as they allow people to play the EuroJackpot Game for free and keep whatever they win. It’s an effective way to introduce LottoSpring and our Company, plus a great way to share some goodwill. 

How do the Giveaway Tickets work?

You can find your giveaway ticket in your LottoSpring dashboard in the “Marketing Tools” tab. This unique link is your giveaway tickets for the upcoming draw. You can easily email it, send it via SMS, Skype, other messaging services, and/ simply print it out and give it to someone.

When someone clicks on that link, they’ll be taken to the ticket redemption screen where they can claim their free ticket in 2 quick steps as shown below:

1 step:

2 step:


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