New Summer Blitz Bonus Promotion


Our last PROMOTION was hugely popular! It got everyone extremely excited and helped sign up hundreds of new Members. And that’s why it’s BACK AGAIN…

We’re giving away more free Blitz Points again and this time everyone is welcome to go for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new Member joining, past Member re-joining or an existing Member referring… we’ve taken care of EVERYONE!

  1. We are giving away Blitz points for your new referrals, and past Members who are re-joining.

There’s nothing better for belief and confidence than getting people started with guaranteed wins.

And that’s exactly what they all get with this promotion… cash prizes of up to €50,000 in our special Blitz draw!

But we know that belief and confidence is not just needed by new referrals, but also by our current, loyal Members too.  And that’s why we’ve put together a Promotion with whopping big Blitz Points rewards just for you… our valued Members!

  1. We are also giving Blitz points to our existing members encouraging them to invite new players.

And here’s the really cool part…
We running this promotion not just for one Cycle but TWO WHOLE CYCLES:
Cycle 3:  1st Aug 2017 28th Aug 2017
Cycle 4:  29th Aug 2017 25th Sep 2017

This awesome promotion has already started.  If you have already referred new Members in this Cycle, which began on the 1st of August, they count towards this promotion!

Use this promotion to your maximum benefit by using it to re-engage past Members and incentivise new Members into your team.  You have two whole Cycles to go for it!

In fact, if you follow the example of players who used our previous promotion and referred 3 or more new members then you too will enjoy all the benefits… like:

  1. Play for free, Blitz points every month and increased chances to win a Jackpot
  2. HUGE amount of bonus Blitz points added to your account, which means more GUARANTEED WINNINGS
  3. And, a great big ”Thank you” from your referrals who will start with a guaranteed win with the extra Blitz points they get for joining PLUS, they will enjoy winning regular prizes with LottoSpring

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. In order to qualify for 500 / 1000 / 1500 Blitz points you have to be a new member who never had active subscription with LottoSpring OR an ex-player who hasn’t been active for at least last 2 cycles.
  2. To qualify for 1000 / 2500 / 6000 Blitz points you should have an active paid subscription, invite at least 3 new players over next 2 cycles. You can get any combination of 3 to get the points, but the lowest of the 3 will denote the amount of points.
    So, for example:  Lotto     Pro       Pro       =       1000 Blitz Points
    But if you invite more than 3 we will always take the best 3 in to account.
    So, for example: Lotto     VIP       VIP       VIP      =      6000 Blitz Points
  3. Promotion starts from the 1st August and lasts for 2 cycles:
    Cycle 3:  1st Aug 2017 – 28th Aug 2017
    Cycle 4:  29th Aug 2017 – 25th Sep 2017
  4. Blitz Point will be awarded before the Blitz Draw of the 5th cycle which will be held on the 20th October.
  5. Any cancellations will not be counted in the qualification.
  6. If you are not a paid active subscriber in the 5th cycle you will miss the blitz benefits awarded.
  7. Any issues or questions should be forwarded to support ([email protected])

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