More Good News from LottoSpring – A BIG LottoSpring Winner


big-ls-winner-ticketLast Friday 9/12/2016 one of our ProSpring players, Stephen D. from England, landed a whopping €10.000 with a personal win. He guessed 4 numbers + 2 Star numbers correctly and BOOM… €10.000 is already in his pocket.

Isn’t that a lovely present for Christmas?!

Congratulations Stephen.  Our sincere wishes are for you to win even more in the future!

And there’s even more good news to share!  LottoSpring is a Social Game and that’s why Stephen wasn’t the only player who won on Friday. His direct referrer won €1.000, because he introduced Stephen to LottoSpring a few months ago.

Thanks to Stephen’s luck, and amazing LottoSpring MultiWin system, that day was a happy occasion for at least 6 players. After all, besides Stephen’s direct referrer, 4 other players also received €500 in multiwins.

Maybe for someone €500 is not a big deal, but… what if someone gave you €500 for free without having to do anything for it? Doesn’t that sound great?

Share with 3 and play for free, winning not just from your personal tickets but also the winnings from the players in your Social Circle. This is how MultiWin system works.

If you are still inactive – don’t miss your chance to be a winner. 
                 Now is the best time to join LottoSpring. 


But there is a sad part of the story, which brought bad news for one of our ex LottoSpring players.  We won’t name him but one player didn’t receive his €500 MultiWin prize, because he deactivated his account and therefore missed out.

So, here’s our advice… don’t make the same mistake.  Stay active – you never know when someone else’s luck comes in and pays you a nice MultiWin!

This case proves that every LottoSpring player has a big chance to win and the payout is secured as promised. And remember that all LottoSpring Jackpot prizes are backed and insured with special gaming insurance through our gaming partners, Kootac Limited (which, by the way, finally secured a gaming license by the UK Gaming Commission). This insurance policy means we pay a premium on every ticket we sell, and in return the insurance company pays all our jackpot prizes for us.

You’re safe and secured playing with LottoSpring.  We look forward to your big day with LottoSpring!


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