Lucky co-workers celebrated a joint €38 Million Syndicate Win!


Oil Refinery Workers Have Recently Celebrated Joint €38 Million Lottery Syndicate Win

Here is the last of the three amazing stories we promised you…

A group of Canadian oil refinery workers have scooped a C$60m (€38m; £34m) jackpot prize between them at the end of February.

The 31-strong group, who ironically work in a small town called Come By Chance (Newfoundland and Labrador), play the lottery weekly as part of a syndicate group.

Sherry Hickley, the person responsible for purchasing the winning ticket, said: “We throw in $5 each, so we had $155 worth of tickets.”

Astonishingly, the syndicate had been running for just three months before their big win.

Recalling the moment she revealed the good news to her co-workers, Hickley said: “I told them all the same story, ‘We’re millionaires.’ I sent out a text: ‘This is not a joke. We are millionaires. Check the tickets’.

“I was told by 30 men in one day that they all love me, so how many women have that happen to them?” She joked.

Eight of the group’s winners all live in the town of Avondale, which has a population of fewer than 600 people. Three of the winners even live on the same street.

Once shared out evenly, each member of the winning syndicate walked away with a life-changing C$1.9 million (€1.55m).

The overall prize is the largest ever awarded by the lottery company Atlantic Canada.

Despite their big win, 26 of the 31 winners are set to carry on working in their current role. Eugene Lewis, 63, is one of six workers that have announced plans for an early retirement.

She claims she found out about the win at 4:37 am and retired just two minutes later.

“It’s the end of the storybook, a little happy ending.” She said.

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