How LottoSpring Syndicates Work


LottoSpring offers you a better way to play and win some of the world’s richest lottos. Our unique syndicates are automatically made up of 97 players from all over the world. Each member wins an equal share of every prize won, from up to 1036 entries, every single month. Which puts you in games up to 6 days per week.

There are 3 simple syndicate options to choose from each with greater games, prizes, and Blitz benefits and more days of the week you can win.

So what is a syndicate?

A lotto syndicate is formed when a lot of people join forces and play together. Each player in the syndicate owns at least one share of the syndicate, and therefore get an equal share of the prizes won. But you can buy as many shares in the syndicate as you want to increase your share of the prizes. It’s a great way to play the lotto because it increases your chances of winning. In fact, one in four lotto jackpot wins go to syndicates. Our Syndicates are subscription-based and run on a four-weekly cycle, which can be cancelled whenever at any time.

Who are in the syndicates?

Every single LottoSpring, ProSpring and VIP ProSpring member is automatically added to a syndicate when they join. Each Syndicate contains 97 people which mean playing in LottoSpring Syndicate you’re massively increasing your odds.

How the LottoSpring syndicate works

The LottoSpring syndicate combines the power of two of Europe’s richest lottos: EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. They are the most played Lottos across Europe and it’s easy to see why… they have set playing and winning records in almost every country they’re played! There are no bigger Lottos in Europe if you want a chance to win huge jackpots. Playing in our LottoSpring syndicate costs just € 9,75 and you get 132 entries in two weekly EuroMillions draws and 45 entries in EuroJackpot’s Friday draw. Plus, you get every Lucky Star and Euro Number too.

pro-spring-logoHow the ProSpring syndicate works

On top of Europe’s two richest lottos, the ProSpring Syndicate also includes the massive US lotto, MegaMillions. Playing in our ProSpring syndicate costs just € 17,25 and you get 132 entries in two weekly EuroMillions draws, 45 entries in EuroJackpot’s Friday draw and 30 entries in the MegaMillions draw every Wednesday and Saturday. As a ProSpring Syndicate member, you are playing in 5 draws a week.

How the ProSpring VIP syndicate works 

The ProSpring VIP Syndicate is our flagship offer where you get 259 entries every week in four of the world’s mega lottos; EuroMillions, EuroJackpots, MegaMillions and the almighty USA lotto, Powerball. In addition to the 132 entries in two weekly EuroMillions draws, 45 entries in EuroJackpot’s Friday draw and 30 entries in the MegaMillions draw every Wednesday and Saturday, you now also get 52 entries in Powerball played every Thursday and Sunday. In this Syndicate you are playing for life-changing prizes 6 days a week, every week. It’s the richest, most exciting Syndicate offer in the world!

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Where can I find my Syndicate tickets?

Your syndicate tickets are listed in the tab of your LottoSpring dashboard “My Games” – “View ticket” – “Show my numbers”.

Syndicates are a great way of improving your odds in the Lottery. It’s as simple as this: more tickets = better odds! In fact, syndicates win more often than single players.

LottoSpring’s Syndicates are the best way to play lotteries

Our goal at LottoSpring was to create something unique and profitable for you, something that will change people’s losing streaks once and forever!

We didn’t like the fact that so many people love playing lotteries but hardly ever win anything. That happens because with one ticket, for a regular lottery, you only get one chance to win, which makes it almost impossible. It’s heartbreaking to see how many people spend money every week, hoping to win but instead of this losing their money.

That was our motivation for building our unique syndicate system. It took a lot of work and money to build but in the end, we created an offer that no one could resist.  LottoSpring not only maximises your winning potential, whilst lowering your cost, but also gives you many more benefits, bonuses, and giveaways compared to normal lottos.

It’s always better to have multiple chances of winning a big share of a massive prize than to have next to no chance of winning your own prize. Besides, it’s more fun to play and win in a syndicate with your friends and share your joy with others!

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And, the best thing about our syndicate system is that you can play for free… when you simply share LottoSpring with your friends and refer at least 3 players to play with you.

Find out how you can share with 3 and Play for FREE


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