LottoSpring Survey Competition Winners’ Announcement!


Recently we have asked for your help in order for us to improve LottoSpring services by completing a very short survey about your experience with us.

We were so excited to see so many of you taking part on our survey and we cannot thank you enough for helping us out.  It’s an important exercise for everybody.  It’s the best way for us to understand your needs as a LottoSpring member, so that we can meet your expectations and serve your needs faster. The survey’s sole focus was to find out how we can help you grow your Social Circles faster and win prizes more often.

The information we collected from you has really given us critical insights into our games, our opportunity and our community.  We feel better equipped now to forge a long-lasting and rewarding future together with you.  We have already started working on implementing lessons we learned from this exercise and feel that all of us will struck it big from your participation.

LOTTOSPRING Survey Competition TOP THREE Winners

And, as a gesture of our gratitude to all of you—we promised juicy prizes for three lucky winners who took our survey.  Here’s what we promised:
Top Prize:  €500 Amazon Voucher
2nd Prize:  €300 Amazon Voucher
3rd Prize:  €200 Amazon Voucher

The Competition ended on the 31st of May so it’s time to announce the lucky winners.  The winners were chosen at random by our software so that everyone has the same chance to be picked.

So… who are the winners?

Time to find out now…

€500 Amazon Gift Voucher – Ciara B. from England, first month at LottoSpring
€300 Amazon Gift Voucher – Howard D. from the UK, joined our mailing list in October 2015
€200 Amazon Gift Voucher – Kay G. from Germany, been a member of LottoSpring for two months

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Winners!!!

You can buy almost anything on Amazon. We know you’ll find something special to reward yourself for this win!

If you don’t win by this time, do not worry. The precious knowledge we’ve gained has helped us make better decisions, implement new ideas, developed more effective marketing tools, added new features and gave you even more good offers and opportunities to win in the near future.  Yes! A lot of juicy stuff is coming soon, so you better keep an eye out for our emails.

Oh and before I forget , we want to extend our extra special thank you, to those who sent us their testimonials. Every sharing of success stories to us, is the foundation of building trust and loyalty for new prospects looking into creating their own LottoSpring experience.  We really appreciate the sharing of your stories with us, so that we can help open up to more people to join our awesome game, life and opportunity.

By the way, if you haven’t joined us yet, then NOW is the best time to do so.  With all this, the intel is at our disposal to make LottoSpring even better than before. There has never been a stellar time to join us. Play and win with LottoSpring! Why not join us today?!


Sweepstake Competition Rules:

  • All participants need to be an active/existing member of LottoSpring or have already registered to receive information from
  • Each survey answered will entitle the person responding to the questions with one entry to our sweepstake prize.
  • Our sweepstake draw takes place on the 1 st of June 2016 and is randomly drawn by our computer software.
  • Each entrant has 1 entry or 2 in the case of bonus entries for providing testimonials.
  • A maximum of 1 Entry per person. Duplicate accounts, emails, IP addresses with the same name will be disqualified.
  • Prizes will be drawn in descending order of 3rd, 2nd, and 1st prize. The prize values are €200, €300, €500 in amazon vouchers respectively.
  • Should a player choose to, every prize can be paid into his/her LottoSpring or ProSpring Account to allow continual values and rewards within LottoSpring.

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