LottoSpring Playing Cycles Explained


Every LottoSpring player starts and finishes their game cycles at the same time regardless of which level of syndicate subscription they signed up for. This means whenever a new member buys a subscription they start playing from the next playing cycle, not immediately. The start date could be just 1 day away or even short of 4 weeks away, depending on the day they purchased their subscription.

Every subscription lasts 4 weeks and the first game of the new cycle is always on a Tuesday.

After the subscription payment is processed a player can see the level of purchased subscription and the date (first day of the new cycle) of activation in their back office under the tab My Games. It’s activated automatically on this day.

There are several reasons why we decided to synchronise the cycles for all our players. Firstly, we wanted to keep it simple and easy for our members to understand how our cycles work. When everyone ends a cycle on the same day it is much easier to plan promotions, hold sweepstakes, give out bonuses, set up special draws, run competitions and make special offers available. But the main reason is that it gives people time to refer their first three players and start playing for free… sometimes even before they play their first game. 

The fact that new members have to wait until a new cycle starts before they become active players is a great advantage! 

If your first cycle starts in 3-4 weeks time it means you have time to share LottoSpring, refer 3 or more players to join your team and get a refund of your subscription at the end of a very first game cycle. Plus, you will start earning additional benefits, such as Blitz points from day one.

Please remember that all the changes you make (upgrade, downgrade or even cancellation of your account) takes place from the new cycle. It never takes effect mid-cycle.

It means whichever day you change your subscription level, or cancel your subscription, you will remain an active player at the same level, will get all the benefits according to your current status and will be entitled to get all the prizes you won until the end of your current 4-weeks cycle. The changes will apply from the new cycle automatically.

Here is a schedule for our playing cycles for 2019: 

Cycle Starts Cycle Ends
1 15.01.2019 11.02.2019
2 12.02.2019 11.03.2019
3 12.03.2019 08.04.2019
4 09.04.2019 06.05.2019
5 07.05.2019 03.06.2019
6 04.06.2019 01.07.2019
7 02.07.2019 29.07.2019
8 30.07.2019 26.08.2019
9 27.08.2019 23.09.2019
10 24.09.2019 21.10.2019
11 22.10.2019 18.11.2019
12 19.11.2019 16.12.2019


At the end of each cycle, we automatically renew your subscription for the next cycle at the same level. The payment is taken automatically from your playing account or payment method used during the last payment (unless subscription was cancelled).

If two attempts of taking a payment fail then your subscription will be automatically cancelled so it’s important to keep your payment method up to date.

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