LottoSpring is for Sharing: Benefits of Playing Lotto with Friends


LottoSpring combines a load of big ideas that bring out the very best in playing lotto. However, the most important by far is the concept that playing lottery is better when the experience is shared with other people. Here are just some of the many game-changing advantages of playing lotto with your friends and social contacts:

Share the riches

Part of what we believe to be special about LottoSpring is the fact that when someone in your team wins a prize, you win too! Lotto players almost always give away some of their prize money to friends when they win. But with our social lotto setup there’s simply no need because once you win, your friends had already struck it rich too. You won’t just be buying in the celebratory champagne for them – you’ll be buying it for each other.

Share the fun

Lotto can be thrilling and fun when you’re playing alone, but then again, this great game has never really been a solitary activity. The highest ranking ancient Romans held lotteries at their dinner parties (prizes took the form of valuable gifts rather than money), and communities around the world have always shared in the fun of big lottery draws. The advent of online lottery a few years ago took away some of that traditional social element of the game. Since then, we’ve put it right back at the heart of the experience.

Share the news

Who’s the first person you would call if you won a major lotto prize? A major part of the joy of a big win is sharing the news, and with LottoSpring, it’s an in-built part of the experience. Imagine the excitement of sharing in the news of a four, five, six, seven or EIGHT figure jackpot prize with your team!

Sharing the news of your LottoSpring wins is also a great way to invite new players to your team – when your friends on social media see you post about your latest big prize win— they’ll see a glimpse of the power of social lottery. And remember, the more players you get on-board; the more prizes you’re likely to win.


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  1. I’ve been a ProSpring member since ‘pre-launch’ – I no longer wish I could win Lotto, I look forward every Wednesday and Saturday morning to the smile on my face as I see my consistent winnings ‘piling up’ – now almost 1,000 Euros!…

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