How LottoSpring Brought Instant Success to One British Player


LottoSpring is the first social lotto game in the world. That’s a significant fact for several reasons, but most important is the fact that it has made winning big prizes easier than ever before. Here’s a recent story that illustrates the point. peter-burrows_ticket

An English LottoSpring player named Peter caused a stir throughout the LottoSpring community this April, when he was lucky enough to win 1000 with just ONE free Blitz ticket. Peter had previously shared LottoSpring with a significant number of friends and social contacts, and had been rewarded with the Blitz points that earned him his ticket as a result.

For those of you who don’t know Blitz Game:

Blitz points provide LottoSpring players with an entry into special LottoSpring Blitz draws, where big prizes go on an offer at no extra cost to the player.

Our players collect a certain number of Blitz points for each member they have in their team and depending on their subscription level. Every 300 Blitz points converts into a Blitz ticket. These tickets will be entered into one of our special Blitz Draws, which takes place every 4th Friday.

Blitz ticket never lose, and you can win a prize of up to €50.000 with a single Blitz ticket. Many of our super-social players win a large amount of money every single month from their Blitz tickets.

Read more about Blitz tickets, points and draws here.

Fancy walking a mile in Peter’s shoes?

All you need to do is to spread the word about LottoSpring using social media. You can also invite people to join your team. You’ll get Blitz points for each new member you introduce to the lottery. Subsequently, you’ll have the pleasure of collecting the winnings from the next Blitz Draw.


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