LottoSpring is breaking losing streak!


People keep playing lotteries even if they never win!

All over the world at this very minute, millions of people are entering lotteries that they have practically no chance of winning. Lots of these people will have bought tickets every week for a number of years. May be they will have won one or two minor prizes along the way – but for the vast majority, a major win was never really on the cards.

LottoSpring Syndicate is Different!

In an era of manipulative, money-grabbing, profiteering lotteries, LottoSpring stands out as a beacon of fairness and opportunity for the player. We’re not bragging here – we’re simply telling the truth.

For a start, we’re a meritocracy! You can completely swing your own risk-reward ratio and play for FREE, simply by inviting three other players to join LottoSpring Syndicate. As long as they keep playing, you keep playing for free.

You don’t have to be an internet marketer or a tech-savvy geek to win big every week with LottoSpring. Our free, tried and tested, “done-for-you” automated marketing system even helps you to share your excitement about LottoSpring with the world. LottoSpring has social sharing buttons which use Facebook and other social media channels, so it’s easy to share the game with others and increase your winning team.

Which other lottery can you name that goes out of its way to reward its most loyal players?

The really great thing about playing LottoSpring for free, is the fact that being a member of our Syndicate means you’re always going to win some money. Every week you’re guaranteed to earn winnings from different sources. We promise you guaranteed wins from our special Blitz Draw, shared wins from hundreds Syndicate lottery lines while playing in Syndicate, share of a Jackpot win even if your friend hits the Jackpot (even if none of your numbers matched).

1. Winnings from Syndicate tickets

Playing in a Syndicate is a great way to play the lotto, because it increase your chances of winning. Each player in the syndicate owns at least one share of the syndicate, and therefore gets an equal share of the prizes won.

The LottoSpring Syndicate combines the power of two of Europe’s richest lottos: EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. Playing in our LottoSpring Syndicate costs just € 9,75 a week and you get 132 entries in two weekly EuroMillions draws and 45 entries in EuroJackpot’s Friday draw. It’s possible for you to win a share of €280 million, or sometimes even more, with the LottoSpring Syndicate.


The ProSpring Syndicate has even more games and also includes the massive US lotto, MegaMillions. As a ProSpring Syndicate member you are playing in 5 draws a week for only € 17,25 a week. You get 132 entries in two weekly EuroMillions draws, 45 entries in EuroJackpot’s Friday draw and 30 entries in the MegaMillions draw every twice a week.

The ProSpring VIP Syndicate is our flagship offer where you get 259 entries every week in four of the world’s mega lottos: EuroMillions, EuroJackpots, MegaMillions and the almighty USA lotto, Powerball. In this Syndicate you are playing for life-changing prizes 6 days a week, every week. It’s the richest, most exciting Syndicate offer in the world which gives you winnings every single week!

2. Guaranteed winnings from Blitz Draws 

LottoSpring Blitz Draw is something very special. We don’t sell tickets for this draw, but we give them for free to all the players who deserve them. You have a few ways to earn Blitz tickets: share LottoSpring and refer new players, take part in competitions or use special promotions. Every Blitz Ticket is entered in a special draw once a month and wins you guaranteed prize from a minimum of € 1 for matching zero numbers up to € 50.000. Yes, that’s right – Blitz ticket NEVER LOOSE!

3. Massive life-changing Multiwins

It’s not a secret that the majority of people play lottery and pay money every week for the hope to win big and change their life forever! They are ready to spend a few euros per week for hope and excitement!

In LottoSpring we are giving you hope for a big win with massively increased odds comparing to regular lotteries. The fact that you play in a Syndicate means you play with hundreds of tickets every week, so you get not only one chance but hundreds of them to win a share of a big prize.

But one of the best LottoSpring creations is the unique Multiwin system.  When you share LottoSpring with your friends, you get a 10% share of their lucky Jackpot win even if your own syndicate doesn’t win. That means you have the potential to win a share of a jackpot from not just your own syndicate, but also every other syndicate in which you have a friend in.

LottoSpring gives a massive 80% back to its players in prizes and commissions.

LottoSpring is designed to provide all the fun and excitement you’d expect from any lottery game – but our outstanding odds and the fact that you can swing those odds even further in your favour means that this social lottery can become a smart way to generate income from home – play it smart and you can win, win, win, without paying a penny.


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