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LottoSpring Landing page:

LottoSpring is the world’s most exciting and winnable lotto syndicate system!

Here’s why…

  • It’s the safest and most winnable way to play lotto with a government licensed operator.
  • It gives you 708 chances per month to win with two of Europe’s wealthiest Lottos.
  • If you share with just 3 others you play for Free.
  • You win a share of jackpots every time your friends win (even if your ticket lose).
  • Our special Blitz draw guarantees you a winning between €1 up to €50,000 with every Free Blitz ticket.

Isn’t it worth playing and sharing with others?  Thousands of people all over the world already think it is and that’s why, to help spread the good news faster and wider, we created a special webpage page for you to share with your friends.

It’s available in 3 languages – English, German and Russian. We’ve fully tested it and everything works great! So you can start using it immediately to share LottoSpring with your social circles.  Hundreds of new Lotto players from around the world have already joined us through this landing page since we launched it and everything works perfect!

By the way, you don’t even have to be an internet marketer or a tech-savvy geek to use this page. It’s very easy to use, because we’ve done all the hard work for you.  Our marketing automation gives you great content, videos, follow up emails and retargeting system.  It’s all done for you and up and running. We use the power of email, mobile and social media to maximise conversions of your potential customers into active players.

All you need to do is just share your personal link to your LottoSpring landing page and show your friends the amazing LottoSpring game video. When they register they join your team!

Here is your personal link (copy and paste it somewhere safe):

Business Opportunity Landing Pages:

If you want to start your own home-based lotto business, or explode your existing LottoSpring business to the next level, then you’re going to love what we’ve done for you!

We’ve created two amazing Landing Pages to help you promote your business in a professional and exciting way:

– Generic Business Opportunity Seekers Opt In Page
– ProSpring Business Opportunity Landing Page

We have launched these landing pages in English for now.  But don’t worry, we will let you know when we launch the German and Russian versions.

Generic Business Opportunity Seekers Opt In Page:

Here is what your personal link looks like for this Landing Page:

This is a short, sharp and sweet lead capture page that has a cool little video and is designed to peak your Biz Opp prospects’ curiosity enough to opt-in for more information.

This landing page has no information about LottoSpring or ProSpring – and more importantly – it makes no reference to Lotto, games, iGaming or anything related to our product offer at all.

We’ve done that because for those wishing to advertise Business Opportunity leads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter etc, it’s easier to get your ads approved for a non-gaming landing page.

When your prospects/traffic lands on your landing page the first thing our system will do is drop a Facebook Pixel on their desktop.  That way, in case they don’t opt in to your Landing page, we can re-target them with ads on Facebook on your behalf.

What happens when they opt in to your page?

  1. Their opt in details get stored in our DataBase and linked to your ID forever
  2. They are forwarded directly to our second Landing page, ProSpring Business Opportunity page, which is also coded with your referrer ID.

ProSpring Business Opportunity Landing Page:

Here is what your personal link looks like for this Landing Page:

This landing page is designed to give your prospects a full view of our opportunity.  The page hosts a full, recorded Webinar Presentation about our Opportunity with further sales-orientated copy on the page to support the video.

Your prospects will then be asked, through various well-placed “Call to Action” buttons that lead them to our LottoSpring Registration Page, to join your ProSpring team.

There are two different ways your prospects can land in this page:

  1. Your cold traffic lands on this page through your 1st Business Opportunity lead-capture page, as described above.
  2. You promote this page directly, without using the lead-capture page first, to people you know, because they may know something about ProSpring already.

These new Business Opportunity Landing Pages have a lot of technology hooked up to them.  There are multiple follow up sequences that automatically launch when your prospects land on them.  This is to maximise your traffic by converting as many prospects as possible to players and members.

So, it’s importantly to understand that these new landing pages are strictly Business Opportunity-focused.  They’re only suitable for those who want to build teams and make money by promoting our ProSpring and ProSpring VIP memberships.

If you want to promote our entry level position, LottoSpring, and attract people who simply want to play a cool game for free, than please use your LottoSpring Landing Page and video mentioned at the beginning of the article.


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