LottoSpring 2.0 Syndicates Explained


If you’ve heard of the New LottoSpring 2.0 then you’d be forgiven for getting more than a little excited about the new features and billions in prize potential.

LottoSpring 2.0 was designed to be simpler to use, more straightforward to explain, and most importantly of all, easier to duplicate. The easier it is to get a new person on board then the easier it is to build a massive team and win massive prizes continually.

So, I’d like to introduce you to the simplicity of the LottoSpring 2.0 Syndicate system.


97 Members per Syndicate

Each Syndicate Group has 97 Members, including yourself, and each group plays a batch of tickets in every game.

In a syndicate you will not be able to choose your numbers as the system needs to automatically do that for you to make it all work and improve the whole group’s chances of winning.

However, if you purchase any additional single tickets (more information on this amazing new feature coming soon) you can choose your own numbers in all our other games.

4 Massive Jackpot Games

massive jackpots

Depending on your Subscription Level you will be entered in to the following games. Likewise, your syndicate will play the following number of lines.

Syndicates Lines Lotto Pro ProVIP
EuroMillions 66
EuroJackpot 45
MegaMillions 15
Powerball 26
Total Lines Per Month 708 828 1036

7 Games Played over 6 Days


Between these 4 Games there is only a Monday when you are not in a draw. On a Friday everyone is in 2 Draws! That’s 7 draws played out over 6 days of each week. Important of all, that doesn’t include our Friday Blitz Draw every 4 weeks!

The number of entries in MegaMillions and Powerball are smaller in order to balance the prize potential in these lottos, as it’s much much higher than the other lottos. Even after prizes are shared among members of the syndicate, each of them stands to win tens of millions in prizes.

Syndicate Jackpots

massive_jackpotWhenever there’s a win in your syndicate, everyone is automatically allocated their equal winning, i.e 1:97 share. This is then batched up and paid in to everyone’s online balance to play more or withdraw and spend.

But once a syndicate wins a Jackpot Prize, this is split 65% – 35% between the syndicate and upline (Pro and VIP) Multiwin prizes to the referrers of the people in that syndicate.

If for any reason there are no referrers upline, then whatever is left over is fed back into the syndicate share pot.

Multiwin prizes are paid out 10% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5%… up 6 Levels of Pro and VIP players.

This means that for Pro and VIP members every person in their downline to 6 levels is a potential syndicate prize winner, just possibly waiting to award you tens or hundreds of thousands of bonus prizes in the event of a Jackpot Win.

Explaining the Syndicate to Your Teams


It’s easy to explain just by telling people they are in a syndicate of 97 people with more than 1,000 lines (you can call these individual tickets if you like) played in up to 7 draws a week. However much those tickets win, big or small, is shared out amongst the syndicate members. Jackpot wins are shared partly with the upline too, which means if people you refer win big then you get a share of the Jackpot too!


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