LottoSpring 2.0 Pre-Launch Promotion Offers Free, Guaranteed Money on Launch!


LottoSpring 2.0 launch day is getting close. It will be the culmination of more than a year of surveying, analysing, developing and testing… And as a result, we have prepared something really exciting for you.   We’re getting ready to go full speed ahead in the next few weeks.

Here’s a quick reminder of what the excitement is all about:

  • It’s Bigger – Billions in Prize Potential!
  • It’s Better – 4 Different Games, allowing you to win up to 6 days a week!better-LSP2.0
  • It’s Faster – New Marketing Tools and Simpler Sharing lets your team get more prizes!
  • It’s Simpler – Simpler LottoSpring Membership, Simpler marketing message open for everyone!
  • It’s Juicier – Pro-VIP Opportunity to earn much greater monthly Blitz Income!
  • It’s Stronger – New UK Licence covers all the legal bases and supports our vision for a long-term business for you!
  • It’s Easier – New Syndicate Team gives you the best chances of winning!

In simple terms it’s the most amazing, simple, fun, interesting way to make and win cash every month, without paying a penny to take part.

We don’t want to see anybody losing this amazing opportunity.  That’s why we want to encourage all existing members with extra Blitz Points to share LottoSpring with their friends.  And, we want to welcome new players into our LottoSpring family with guaranteed wins too.

LottoSpring 2.0 Pre-Launch Promotion.

Here is what this Promotion is about:

New Members, or Returning Members who buy a subscription, Get FREE Bonus Blitz Points added to their account. Which means on our first Blitz Game they will get GUARANTEED Prizes:

every300points_enLottoSpring: 500 Bonus Blitz Points
ProSpring:   1000 Bonus Blitz Points
ProVIP:         1500 Bonus Blitz Points

All existing members who Refer New Members in Pre-Launch will also Get Bonus Blitz Points and win prizes in the first LottoSpring 2.0 Blitz Draw:

LottoSpring: 500 Bonus Blitz Points
ProSpring:   1000 Bonus Blitz Points
ProVIP:         1500 Bonus Blitz Points

Please remember:

each Blitz Ticket Wins Guaranteed Prize Between €1 and €50,000 Every Time!

Promotion is Available Throughout Pre-Launch…
from 23rd April to 6th June 2017


It’s time to make your own luck. Take advantage of this awesome Promotion!

Join as a New Member if you don’t have an account with LottoSpring…


If you have an account – Log in and activate your subscription…


If you’re an existing Member then Use your personal link to invite friends and get a chance to play and win for FREE!

The clock’s is ticking. Ride this Pre-Launch to the max and get your hands on all the free benefits. 


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