LottoSpring 2.0 PDF For You to Download


LottoSpring is getting a major makeover and we’re calling it LottoSpring2.0.  It’s bigger, better and far more exciting than the already super cool LottoSpring offer we currently have.

To help you get up to speed with all the new features and benefits of LottoSpring 2.0 we have created an information-packed PDF for you to download, study and share with your teams and your friends.

This PDF is designed to give you an overview of all that’s new and juicy.  And, to give you more in-depth information about our turbo-boosted game, we will be posting dedicated articles on all the various elements that you need to know about. This PDF will help you get an overall picture, plus, it will help you to showcase our awesome new games to others with whom you want to share LottoSpring.

DOWNLOAD LottoSpring 2.0 PDF here


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