The Key Pros and Cons of Playing in a Lottery Syndicate


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Pros and Cons of Lottery Syndicate:

The big disadvantage–Cons



There are no two ways about it: Individual lottery winners are always going to win bigger prizes than syndicate players. If you’re playing in a syndicate, you will be compelled to share whatever prizes your tickets win with your fellow syndicate members. Of course, this cuts both ways, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you’re not going to get the largest prize or sums of money as a syndicate player.

The bigger advantage–Pros



Even so, having said all that, syndicate players are more likely to win a major prize. Lottery jackpots are generally so astronomical in size, that even a relatively small fraction of a jackpot prize would be a life-changing sum of money for most players. Play as a syndicate member and that life-changing jackpot win is not so farther away. If there are 50 players in your syndicate, for example, you are 50 times likely to take home serious prize money.

Around the world, major lottery organisers are reporting increasing figures for syndicate participation. In the United Kingdom’s National Lottery, around 25% of jackpot prizes are won by lottery syndicates. This indicative means that the jackpot winning syndicate members will likely to outnumber individual jackpot winners. The world is catching on to the regulatory opportunities provided by syndicate plays – and LottoSpring is charged to lead.

The best of all – LottoSpring’s hybrid syndicate



It’s clear to us that both sides of this debate makes a fair point: You’ll always going to want a realistic chance of a big win. But it’s painful to give up so much of your money, if you are the winning ticket-holder within your syndicate. It’s for this reason that we operate a hybrid syndicate model, which rewards the winning player within the syndicate. Winner takes the bigger chunk of the prize money – whilst everyone else on the team will barely notice their share are lesser. Everyone’s happy at LottoSpring!


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