How to Share LottoSpring and Win More Prizes More Often!


We all would love to win the Lotto, but the odds are often stacked against us and we cross our fingers and “HOPE” to win.

But LottoSpring changes all that, it allows you to tilt the odds in your favour by sharing with others.

Each person you share LottoSpring with gives you massive prize-winning benefits, like a FREE Blitz Ticket (every month), a chance to share in the Jackpot wins of people you invite and Play for FREE!

The more you share the more you win and the less you pay.

In simple terms….  YOU ALWAYS WIN & CANNOT LOSE!

On top of that, we’re sure you will all agree that playing and sharing joy of winning with your friends is always more fun!

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How do you share?

You can share anything that LottoSpring has online, and include your personal username so we can track your referrals.

You can even share this article if you wanted. By email, a Facebook post, Tweet it, WhatsApp, Instagram, a sandwich board, telephone, on paper, or even trail it from the back of a plane.

The point is that everything must have your username in it, so we can trace the new member back to you and make sure you get the many benefits of LottoSpring.

What happens when people arrive on our website or blog with your username attached is we drop what is known as a cookie on their computer, which means that even if they visit and join days or weeks later we still know who sent them.

In each case, we just need to make sure your username is included in the link.

What can I share?

1. Share our Blog Articles

Read the instruction on how to share articles from LottoSpring online blog:

In fact, a great article to share with your prospects is called “5 Reasons Why You Should Join a LottoSpring Syndicate Today“. See its the generic link below:

  • Copy the address at the top of that article (as above)
  • Create a New Facebook post by Pasting the address above but adding your own username on the end with ?ref=yourusername

So the address would be like this: yourusername

When you post this into your Facebook post it will show your article to all your friends, you can even write some comments to attract attention.

Please notice, if you are logged in to your playing account you can just press one of our sharing buttons after any article in online LottoSpring Magazine and your personal referred link should be there automatically. 

Find out more how to use and activate Social Sharing Buttons

2. Send people to Join on the LottoSpring Website

If you want to send a hot prospect directly to Join LottoSpring then that’s easy.

Send them to LottoSpring registration page ( or even better to the page where they can choose and buy a subscription (

Make sure you put your referral name at the end of the link so they register with your personal link.

Here is how your personal link will look like: yourusername

Then when they join we’ve got you covered.

3. Spread the exciting LottoSpring news

You can share our Facebook, Twitter, Google + posts, you can forward our emails, sent your personal link by mail post, in Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other communication channels, or even print your personal link on your business card.

The main thing is whichever way you share the news don’t forget to add your username, so your prospects use your personal link when they join LottoSpring. Only this way we will exactly know who sent this new person to sign up with LottoSpring.

Find out where LottoSpring posts the latest news and updates 

4. Look out for new landing pages you can share.

We are always adding new things and there is always something interesting to share. So, check our updates in case you see something you think your friends will like.

At the moment we have different landing pages which you can share with your prospects. They all have a different approach, purpose and target audience, but with the same objective to convert your prospects into active payers.

All you need to know about landing pages you can share to build your team


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