How to opt-in again if you have opted-out by mistake


emails-with-resultsWhether you’re an active, inactive player or subscriber who have opt-in to our newsletters you should be receiving email communications from LottoSpring. We like to keep all our subscribers informed and up to date.

If you are an active player you should receive emails reminding to check the latest draw results twice a week.  Hence, even if you are an inactive player (but subscribed to our email list), we still send you some promotional announcements, event updates and other useful information.

We won’t spam your inbox!

We don’t like to spam our players, so we send you an email only when we have something really important we don’t want you to miss. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t unsubscribe from LottoSpring emails.

However sometimes mistakes happen, so if you haven’t intentionally unsubscribed but for some reason you’ve stopped receiving emails from us, then something’s gone wrong. To identify the problem please follow the instructions bellow or contact customer support ([email protected]). We obviously want to help you to fix the problem.

Reasons for not receiving LottoSpring’s updates and email notifications:

Usual reason for not seeing our emails is most possibly that they were being automatically filtered into your spam folder (or junk folder).  If this is the case, then please white-list our email address [email protected]. Also, you can read detailed instructions about “How to: Get all vital info from ProSpring by setting your email filters” in our article here.

Another reason could be that you may have accidentally unsubscribed from receiving our emails.  It’s unfortunate, but several have found this to be the main cause. Don’t worry, as this can be easily resolved.  All you need to do is to go to the link below:

How to opt-in again back to LottoSpring’s email listing

Once the web page opens just enter the email address connected to your LottoSpring playing account. You will then get a notification that you are already opted-in back again to LottoSpring email list. So you’ll never miss out on any important notifications, emails or promotions ever again!

We hope this helps.


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