How to Check Your Winnings


All Giveaway Spring members are automatically entered into the main draw to win a BMW 1 Series Sport and all the other sweepstakes with thousands of smaller prizes!

New prizes are added continually, but you only have to register once to be eligible to win. That means all you need to do after you join is follow our updates and news about the next draw and make sure you do everything required to be qualified for the prize and then check if you won!

How do we choose winners?

The winners of each giveaway draw are picked in different ways depending on the draw date, amount of entries, prize value and rules.

In the case of bigger prizes (including BMW car), we use live televised lottery draw results to choose the winner.

In the case of draws with smaller prizes, we use a random number generator to choose the winners.

How do we announce the winners?

The winning numbers and names of the lucky winners are normally announced on the draw date or in some cases the day after the draw takes place.

Depending on the draw, an announcement can be made by email, Facebook post, or published on the winners’ page of our online magazine. Sometimes we will use all channels of communication, sometimes just one of them, so it’s important you read our emails and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

As for our members’ privacy, we don’t share any private information with third parties, ever, therefore our announcements only contain the winner’s first name, country and winning prize.

In order to claim the prize, we require the winner to write a short testimonial (that will be shown publicly on our Winners Page) and to send in a scanned form of valid identification. It’s vital that real winners are shown to other entrants in the name of fairness and transparency.

Winners are given 30 days to provide this testimonial in order to claim their prize.

In the event of the winning number being forfeited due to a breach of terms and conditions, or in the event that we cannot contact the winner within 28 days, we will reissue a new draw date and carry out a further prize draw to find a winner.

Do you want to find your name on the winning list?

Stay engaged with Giveaway Spring to be entered into thousands of free draws and one day you might get lucky and win a free prize!


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