How Multiwins Work


When you share LottoSpring with your friends, you get a 10% share of their lucky jackpot win even if your own syndicate doesn’t win. We call this Multi-Wins and it’s unique to LottoSpring.

When your friends join you, they could end up in a different syndicate to yours and that’s a good thing because you now have the potential to win a share of a jackpot from not just your own syndicate, but also every other syndicate in which you have a friend in.

When you subscribe to either our ProSpring or VIP ProSpring syndicates, it gets even better. As it entitles you to have a share of the multimillion jackpot prizes won in any syndicate in your team. If you introduce someone and their syndicate wins a jackpot prize in any of the games, whatever the person you invited wins, you get a 10% bonus prize on top. As well as that you can also get a 5% bonus jackpot prize from winners who are below them, down to 5 additional levels.

Imagine if you shared LottoSpring with just 5 friends who join and play. Your friends have the same opportunity as you do and so they too can personally share LottoSpring with their friends to get all the sharing benefits of LottoSpring. Pretty soon you could have tens, hundreds or even thousands of people enjoying LottoSpring in hundreds or even thousands of different syndicates.

The more friends you personally refer the more syndicates you can win from. Depending on the syndicate, each syndicate offers between 708 and 1036 chances to win jackpot prizes every single month. That means you can literally multiply your jackpot winning potential by thousands or even tens of thousands of times.

What Do Multiwins Give Me?

All ProSpring Syndicate Members get a shot at the Jackpot Share.  When we say Jackpot we mean the TOP Single Prize of any of the Games in LottoSpring; EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions & Powerball.

In the case of a Jackpot win by any ticket purchased from this prize is shared by the syndicate using the following formula.

This means that as most people you have referred will be in different syndicates to you, or indeed each other, then you are by proxy participating in each of those syndicates yourself.

In simple terms, every person you refer, plus 96 others in their syndicates, are all trying to win the Jackpot for you.

It sends the odds of winning the jackpot tumbling down, and your expectation climbing high!

You can find your Multiwins by going to the “Transactions” tab in your LottoSpring dashboard and filtering the table by “Type” dropdown.

Amplify your massive prize Odds.

Imagine if everyone you referred was in a different syndicate (which by the way is highly likely).  You would be eligible to win a share of prizes from all of those syndicates. That multiplies your chances of winning a share of jackpot prizes by hundreds or even thousands of times.

Here’s an example of the chances you have if you have 1, 10 or even 100 players in your team.

Your winning team Chances to Win Calculation
You 1,075
1 member 2,150 1,075 + 1,075
 10 members 11,825 10 * 1,075 + 1,075
50 members 54,825 50 * 1,075 + 1,075
100 members 108,575 100 * 1,075 + 1,075


Even if only a quarter of the people you referred ended up in different syndicates the chances to win are off the chart!

Start sharing and referring new players right away and increase your chances to win big.

Find out how you can build your team quickly

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