How to: get all vital info from ProSpring by setting your email filters


Things are moving fast and we want to make sure you’re not missing out on any important information, updates, and useful tools. Our main way of communication is through email so it’s very important that you’re actually receiving our emails! Here is an extremely simple guide to help you ensure that you’re receiving everything that you need via email and that our updates aren’t landing in Spam.

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For Gmail, sign in to your account and do the following.

Step 1 of 3: At the top of your Gmail inbox, press the arrow on the right side of the search bar. It should say “Show search options”.


Step 2 of 3: In the “From” field, type “” (without the quotation marks), then press and tap “Create filter with this search” on the bottom right of the window. (Don’t forget to do this for “” as well).


Step 3 of 3: Check the box marked “Never send it to Spam” and then the box marked “Also apply filter to ___ matching conversations.” Then click the blue button: “Create filter”.


When utilizing, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail and MSN Mail, log yourself into your account at Afterwhich, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1 of 4: Select the cog icon on the upper right corner of then click “Options” in the drop down menu.



Step 2 of 4: Click “Safe and blocked senders”.


Step 3 of 4: Press on “Safe senders”.


Step 4 of 4: Type “” (without including the quotation marks) in the left field labeled “Sender or domain to mark as safe:”. Then click the button marked as “Add to list ” (Please also remember to do this for “”)how-to-whitelist-email-outlook-4

Using Yandex, log-in to your account to do the following.

Step 1 of 2:

At the top right corner of your mail box, click the settings cog and then tap “message filtering” from the drop down.


Step 2 of 2:

Within the “Whitelist” section, type in “[email protected]” (excluding the quotation marks) and then click the “Add” button. It would also be a good idea to do the same for: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]


Consequently, with Yahoo! Mail, sign in to your account and do the following.

Step 1 of 4: From the top right corner of your mail box, hover over the settings cog and then tap or press “settings” from the drop down.


Step 2 of 4: On the right side menu click “Filters,” then tap “Add” button on the right.


Step 3 of 4:

Type a Filter Name ( like“LottoSpring” for example), then in the “From” field, type “” without the quotation marks. Then press “Save” to set. (Thus, it would be a good idea to do this for “” as well).


Step 4 of 4: Click “Save” again and you’re done!


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