You get a 33% Increase in Blitz Points!


If you were fortunate enough to be on last Monday night’s ProSpring Members Official Company Webinar, then you will have heard some great news, features, and offers.

These are really going to send our Game, our Opportunity, and you in to a Prize Winning Orbit!

But one major piece of fantastic news is that from now on we have boosted the Blitz Points we give for every person you invite.

1 Blitz Ticket or Even 2 for Every Month they Play

We have boosted ALL the Blitz Points of personally referred LottoSpring players from 200 to 300 points.


This means that you get a Blitz Ticket for EVERY PERSON you invite for EVERY MONTH they continue to play. Invite 10 People, then get 10 Blitz Tickets Monthly.

It’s that simple.

Double for ProSpring Members

If you are a ProSpring Member, then you can get 600 Blitz Points for EVERY ProSpring member you personally invite. So in simple terms, that’s 2 Blitz Tickets per month.

When does this amazing benefit start?

Well it already has… as of Monday the 4th of April, we changed our software to pay all these extra points and we’ve already dished out thousands of extra points and prizes.

Do I need to do anything special to get this benefit?

By joining LottoSpring or ProSpring you already have done something special. But, if you really want to cash in, then you better get ready to invite new people and take advantage of the extra points, tickets, prizes, and lifestyle.

This means you get more Blitz Points, more Blitz Tickets, and More Blitz Prizes!

What are you waiting for?


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