Cool yet unusual gadgets that are also very useful


There are no “BEST” ways to spend a Lottery fortune.  You can be as lavish as you wish.  But if you’re going to splash out on stuff befitting of you new-found wealth then why not buy cool stuff that’s also very useful in your house?

Here are a few ideas about gadgets that’ll set you apart from the rest… but that are also be useful in your house.

JBL Pulse 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable device provides powerful 360° sound and delivers a 360° LED light show by including separated LED light and sound cabinets through a seamless exterior. Take your party to the next level and keep it going, with long-life battery which offers up to 12-hours of playtime.

This speaker will create the ultimate experience anywhere you go.

Approximate price is €170 for each speaker.

Nabi Aristotle voice assistant for kids

Nabi is a baby monitor leveraging a companion camera to stream live video to your phone. With Nabi you can set up the reaction to your babies’ cry. It can play different sounds, make relaxing white noise or play songs from chosen radio station illuminating different colours. You can even set up an alarm for changing diapers and program Nabi to order new ones.

While you kid is growing Nabi adapts and offers new services. It can tell bedtime stories, offer to play basic games or help children with homework by retrieving information from the web.

Nabi Aristotle voice assistant is on sale for around €250.

Hello Egg

Hello Egg is a weird but helpful gadget for the kitchen. It doesn’t only look up recipes you ask for, but also projects step-by-step videos to help you make them.

Hello Egg keeps you a company in the kitchen and works as your cooking assistant performing multiple tasks for you – streams music, reads news, gives weather forecasts, sets multiple timers, and even arranges your shopping lists.

If it rolls its eye at your cooking skills, it’s going to end up scrambled.

The Hello Egg costs approximately € 300 for a premium version.

Kuri the robot nanny

Kuri is an adorable home robot with a cheerful personality. You don’t need to use your camera or phone to captures your life as Kuri takes pictures and videos automatically following you in the house. It has face recognition, pet detection, and mobility which allows Kuri to cruise around your house effortlessly and smartly avoiding obstacles.

This smart robot can talk to you, play your favourite music and even read books for you or your kids.

Approximate price is €600.

Moen’s U connected shower

With this customisable shower technology and personal device integration, you can preheat shower water, control water temperature and shower duration from your phone. Using a special connected app you can set up preferences and save them for the future.

You can start your shower from the app and pause it to avoid wasting water (and time). The app tells you when your shower is ready according to your custom-made preferences.

Approximate price for Moen’s U connected shower with Valve and Backup Battery Kit is €800 for 2 Outlet System.

Samsung FlexWash and FlexDry laundry overlords

They call it Samsung’s craziest washer and dryer yet. It delivers an advanced, flexible laundry solution for modern families and can become a very useful helper for you and all your family.

LaxWash has two washer compartments and FlexDry has two dryer compartments. It can operate off a single water line even when washing two loads simultaneously, has customisable temperature zones for the small dryer, and can be controlled by your phone.

Approximate price for the FlexWash is €1000 and €900 for the FlexDry.

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Sleep Number 360 is a smart bed. It knows when you’ve got cold feet and turns heat on at the bottom of the bed. The mattress changes its Sleep Number settings to compensate for changes in position and while it can’t stop someone snoring, if it senses you are, it raises your head to reduce your volume.

Sleep Number bed adapts to your every move. With this bed, you can both adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support.

The price for a bed depending on type can vary from €800 to €4000


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