How to change your credit card on your LottoSpring account


LottoSpring does NOT store people’s credit card information. When someone pays with their credit card, or any other payment method, we are issued a unique payment token from different financial institutions. This will either come from a credit card, bank, or payment provider which allows us to process that payment. For this reason, it is necessary to make a payment while changing your credit card as that is how the card is verified and how we are issued the payment token for that card. We generally suggest depositing enough to pre-pay for the following month. However, any deposit or even a single euro into your LottoSpring account will suffice. These funds will simply be added to your LottoSpring account balance.

How to Manage Your LottoSpring’s Credit Card Information:

To change or add a new card to your account, just log into your LottoSpring account and go to the “Transactions” tab.

Once there, click the orange “Deposit” button. You may be prompted to update your account details: name, address, etc… If that happens, be sure to check that all the details are correct then press the button “Confirm billing address”, which will take you to a payment options screen.

Select “Credit/Debit Card” and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Again, we recommend depositing enough for your next month. Once you’ve done that, click “next” to move on.

You’ll now be offered the chance to use your original credit card or to add a new card. Select “Add New Card”. From here, simply fill out the rest of your card details then click “Submit Secure Payment”. Henceforth, this new card will be the default payment method for your account.


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