What You Could Buy With One Million Euros


Winning the lottery can prove a tricky task, but choosing how to spend it? Well, that’s the easy part.

Whether you’ve got your eyes set on a new home, a flashy car or even just a winter coat, picking the right set of numbers with LottoSpring opens up your world to endless possibilities.

While past winners have chosen to invest their money in a variety of ways, there’s no written guidebook on how to do it the correctly or incorrectly. Choosing what makes you happy – regardless of the cost – is the best advice we can give you.

You could, of course, blow it all in one go (what’s the point in having money if you’re not going to spend it, right?), or you could take the more measured approach and invest it in items as and when you need them.

Everyone would surely dream of telling their boss: “I’m not coming into work today, I’ve won the lottery!”

A lot of people would surely go nuts thinking of what to do if they’ve got the winning numbers and probably go on a shopping spree and more!

Here we’ve rounded up a few notes from people who’ve answered out the question about their ideas on how to spend a big lottery win… Some answers are very generous and some are very weird!

“The first thing I’d do is pay off my student loans, those of my friends and family, and set up a scholarship so at least one lucky student will never have to deal with them.”

“I’ve often contemplated one day setting up a scholarship for Type 1 Diabetics, which is probably a purely selfish decision because I share this illness…”

“I would buy the GOLDEN Cristal Ube DONUT worth $100” (Seriously?)


What would be your own way to spend let’s say €1,000,000 Jackpot win?

To help give you some inspiration, we’ve taken a quick look at what past millionaire winners decided to splash their cash on, below:

A Huge Holiday

Nigel Willetts, a pub landlord from England, won £1 million (more than a million euro) back in 2014 and decided to spend the cash on travelling.

He started by treating 13 members of his family to an all-expenses paid trip to Florida, before taking further trips to Mexico, Dubai and Las Vegas with his partner, Jane.

Rental Properties

30-year-old Emma Wildin from Gloucestershire, England, couldn’t believe her luck when she won the top prize of £1 million on an instant scratch card back in 2013.

Since then, she has invested into two rental properties, bought herself a brand new Range Rover Evoque and treated her family to a trip to Disneyland.

A New Business

Former truck driver Mark Brudenell scooped an eye-watering £916,915 back in 1997 and decided to quit his job and start up his own business selling conservatories.

As well as the change in career, Brudenell also moved house and took his family on holiday to Hawaii, where they took a private jet over the some of the island’s volcanos.

If none those ideas are quite floating your boat, we’ve come up with a full breakdown of just how far your €1 million winnings could take you. If you’re a fan of Lego, I’d suggest you buy a lottery ticket …


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