8 reasons why buying single lotto tickets from LottoSpring is a great idea!


Did you know you can buy individual lotto tickets for the world’s richest lottos from LottoSpring?

Depending on which country you are in, you can choose to buy single tickets to play EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, Powerball, Dino Lotto and Lotto 6/49.


Here are 8 reasons why you should consider playing single tickets in addition to your subscription…

  • Chance to win even more prizes but without sharing them. Single ticket winnings are not part of your syndicate so you keep 100% of all the winnings for yourself!
  • Play games that are not included in your Syndicate subscription… Top up your chances to win prizes from additional lottos.
  • Load the odds of winning BIG MONEY in your favour with extra tickets when particular Jackpots accumulate to massive proportions! E.g. EuroMillions Super Draw of €100 Million on 30th June 2017!
  • Play International lottos that are NOT AVAILABLE in your country. g. It’s sometimes hard to buy certain lotto tickets in your country… but LottoSpring makes it possible!
  • Earn extra Blitz Points… did you know that every single lotto ticket purchased by your direct referrals, or through your LottoSpring site, gets you 25 Blitz Points?
  • Ideal for new prospects to play in single draws, fall in love with LottoSpring and join your team with a syndicate subscription.
  • Easier and more convenient way to play more lottos by using your LottoSpring balance. No queuing or claiming… all the winnings paid automatically to your LottoSpring account.
  • Safer and more practical to play… no losing or misplacing your tickets, because they are securely stored in your LottoSpring back office for your convenience.

Check out what happened to one player in India when he recently bought a single ticket from LottoSpring…

Tushar T. spent just 3 euro for a single Lotto 6/49 ticket, guessed 4 numbers and won 68.3 euro in his first ever draw in LottoSpring 2.0. And, he didn’t share his prize with any other player and his winning have already been transferred to his playing account.

He can now use his winnings to buy even many more single tickets, giving him more chances to win extra prizes, while continuing to play and win in our Syndicates too.

What a fantastic start for Trusar T!


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