7 Sharing Strategies to Build your team


Every Person you share with could be the next massive team builder who generates your massive prize incomes. The next person, the one after that, maybe the one after that. When you find someone who is so excited and enthusiastic about playing and winning and sharing the LottoSpring idea then suddenly things can take off. They could build a team of like-minded people and the moment just doesn’t stop.

The prizes start flowing, the good news stories create a feedback loop of success and suddenly you are winning so much and so often that you seem to attract new people who are begging you to join.

But what steps can we take to get there?

Well, the answer is small and simple steps, repeated until the success speaks for itself.

When I first started my path into Relationship and Affiliate Marketing I shared my idea and business with anyone I could. It was pretty tough back then as there was no Facebook, or Social Media, in fact, when I first started there were no Mobile Telephones.

Believe it or not, we invited people to look at our business by handing them a business card that had a phone number to a recorded message that explained how everything worked.

But those days are long gone, and new more fun and engaging ways share the mind-blowing concept that is LottoSpring.

Let me introduce you some simple sharing strategies:

1. Sharing our blog articles on Facebook.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the LottoSpring online magazine http://blog.lottospring.com/.

It’s got a stack of articles with instructions and shareable content that you can post on Facebook with your own personal feedback.

To Share any article either login to your account and click the share icon, or alternatively copy the address at the top of the address bar and add your own username (/?ref=your username) to the end of the address.

Here is how your personal link to share the article should look like:


You can create a new Facebook post, with your feedback about this article and then paste the website address of the article into your post. This should bring in the article picture and link (with your username in it).

Anyone clicking on this article will be cookies dropped your referral ID and encouraged to find out more about LottoSpring.

2. Just Tell Someone

The simplest, the easiest and technically least complicated thing to do just talk to your friends. Don’t overcomplicate it, don’t try to train them. Just tell them the simple facts such as:

  • You’re Playing a cool Lotto Syndicate Game!
  • It has super cool bonuses, such as “Play for FREE”, “Get free Bonus Tickets”, “Win every single week”, “Get guaranteed wins” etc.
  • You plan on building a team of winners, and if they want to be on your team.

If they are ready to join your team you can send them a link from your phone.

Don’t bombard them with facts, just be casual and tell them you think it’s really great and as they are your friends you didn’t want to miss them out, but either way, you planned winning prizes every week.

You can send your friends links to an appropriate article, one of our landing page videos, or webinars.

3. Email Signature

It’s easy to set up a standard email signature to your email software. You add your name personal details like normal but add an extra line to the bottom of your email with your personal link.

Jamie Mather
CEO, LottoSpring
[email protected]

Want to play the Lotto in my Winning Team for Weekly Prizes and Bonuses?
Then join my winning team at www.lottospring.com/?ref=Jamie

4. Facebook and Social Media Groups

Special Interest Groups on Facebook can often be receptive to new opportunities. It’s important to make sure these groups are interested in business opportunities or lotto. If you make an effort to contribute positively to a group, you can share links to interesting opportunity articles (see 1 Facebook Posts). However, don’t spam by just turning up to groups and plinking your referral address in the group. You won’t last ten minutes before they remove you from the group (unless it’s a group dedicated to listing different opportunities, in which case go knock yourself out).

5. Share your journey on Social Media

Create some personal journey with LottoSpring, share your wins, your aspirations, and where that journey takes you. Don’t just scream “Join My Team”, because it will scare people away. But create simple interest and excitement. Tell them how many people are in your team, if you had any good wins if you are playing for free or how many bonus tickets you earned.

Share your genuine feelings and excitement and it will attract people to take a look and become involved. It doesn’t matter if its Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It’s the message that is important at this stage.
In all cases, you can reference an article, a landing page, or the lottospring site itself. As long as it has your username at the end it should lead to your version of the site.

6. Giveaway Spring

Giveaway Spring is LottoSpring’s sister website. It’s a FREE to Join, Free to Participate Sweepstake website. You can simply register and put your name into a hat to win a car. When there are enough names in the hat we pick one and they get the car. To stay in the hat people just need to stay subscribed. Opting out takes them out of the hat.

Anyone who can play Lottospring is entitled to play Giveaway Spring, we let them have free goes and prizes. Later we will invite them to join LottoSpring (in your team obviously) and see if they can win big for you and your fellow members.

To share this opportunity just send your prospects to register at http://www.givewayspring.org/?ref=yourusername

7. Giveaway Tickets

If you are a Pro or VIP member you get some special full-blown working game tickets to give away. You can share a code online or in person and it entitles whoever you give it to, to play a full multimillion euro prize game for free.

It’s a way for them to literally get a ticket without paying. And a way for us to get a new prospect to share our ideas with.

All Pro or VIP players can log in to their LottoSpring account and share 5 free tickets with any prospects by copying the special code from the tab “Marketing Tools”.

When they share a ticket, they can see a name of the person who used it and how many tickets left are still available.

If you are LottoSpring player and want to have this powerful sharing tool all you need to do is upgrade your subscription to Pro or VIP and you will get this amazing feature from the next cycle.

Find out how you can easily upgrade your subscription level

You can send a code with free tickets via email, share it in the personal message using email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or another messaging system. Or you can create a special voucher and insert your code there. Or you can write the code om piece of paper and handle it to any person who is interested.

All prospects who join LottoSpring after using a free ticket will end up in your team.

Find out what useful links you can share with your prospects


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