6 Star Ranking System for Pro and VIP Members


Just like every pro members who are pursuing their star ranking. Most, if not every business, needs to commit to a goal and achieve them. Having goals should keep yourself attentively focused on this activity. This system gives you a glimpse of what targets to hit and get higher financial rewards that resulted from your focusing on the right object or medium.

To help Pro Members win even more prizes, we’ve devised an amazingly simple and easy incentive program called 6 Star Ranking System.

To check your ProSpring rank you need to log in to your LottoSpring account and go to the “My Rank” tab.

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 Star Plan Qualifications:

Remember: The more blitz points you get, the more blitz tickets that never loses that you will gain for every blitz draw. Eventually, that would mean you got to win more cash every single week with exactly the same effort!

The only thing you need to do is consistently invite new people to become players. Encourage them to do the same processes that you have worked through to reach your current ranking. To help you do this easily, you will have access to our multiple marketing tools that have been meticulously crafted and created to your advantage. Read and understand the instructions below for your convenience:

  1. Use the new live webinar system to show the opportunity to your prospects.
  2. Use the official company website www.lottospring.com/?ref=[username]
  3. Use the awesome Free Giveaway Tickets system.
  4. Use Lotto Spring Magazine articles.
  5. Social Media and sharing buttons.
  6. Use Company’s offers, events, and promotional tools.

You also have access to your team leaders, their support system and their team website, where you will find recorded presentations and online training just like any self-help notes. Your team support system was developed to help you increase your knowledge and skills, and help you increase your income month by month.


Your 6 Star Ranking System is the best, simplest and easiest opportunity to change your financial future.  The critical position is 2 Star.  All you have to do is achieve 2 Star for yourself, and then help others to do the exact same thing using the same method– in the shortest possible time. Just personally refer 6 x 1 Stars, then help one of them to do the same, then try and multiply by duplicating your efforts. Wait for the result and you’re done!

Achieving all other positions will happen automatically. Try to focus on the working methodology. You can then achieve the coveted 6 Star in a few months or a few years – it really depends on you.

Now is the right time. You’ve got to make it work!

Start sharing LottoSpring with others, help them join and show them how to duplicate.

Find out how to share and build your LottoSpring team


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  1. Great at some of my team and I had a meeting about taking the business to the next level and starting to talk and sign more people up so it come just at the right time, well done

  2. It amazes me, a genuine opportunity, you get guaranteed Blitz points, get 3 people in and play for FREE, and yet still people don’t get stuck in and build. I have won over €3,000 playing for free, it could be €30,000 even more if people just played and introduced 3 people. Where can you get an opportunity like this, introduce 3 and play for FREE?

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