5 Pages You Can Share To Build Your Team


Every active LottoSpring Syndicate player gets access to all our awesome marketing materials to help build their team.

Some of the most powerful tools we created for you are our special landing pages. They all have a different approach, purpose and target audience, but with the same objective to convert your prospects into active payers.

There’s no need for any complicated instruction on how to use our landing pages because they are all automated. All you need to do is to share your personal link to any of our landing pages with your social circles and our system does the rest. Depending on the page your prospects land on we do our best to convert them into active Syndicate players by showing them a video, explaining LottoSpring Syndicates, sending them a sequence of educational emails or even giving them special offers. When your prospects join a Syndicate through your personal landing page they automatically join your team and earn you free rewards.

LottoSpring’s amazing tracking system

We created a special tracking system which allows us to track referrals of every player who registers on our site. In fact, nobody can join LottoSpring without a referrer. Moreover, this system lets us create personalised landing pages and carry the referrer all the way through to the moment the new player signs up on lottospring.com

Here’s what your personalised landing page link will look like:


All you need to do is copy the generic URL and put “/?ref=your username (username is the player’s name you used when registered an account with LottoSpring) at the end of it.

Here’s a list of landing pages you can share, their short description and example of referral link (username used in this example is bob).

Personal referral links you can share

  1. LottoSpring registration page

Example of personal link: https://www.lottospring.com/?ref=bob

LottoSpring’s registration page has all the necessary features about our Syndicates, the benefits of becoming a LottoSpring member and a registration form to create a playing account to join the LottoSpring community.

Share your personal link with your social circles and when someone registers an account and buy a subscription, they will be in your direct referral in our system.

  1. LottoSpring landing page link

Example of personal link: http://www.bestlottoever.com/?ref=bob

Our LottoSpring landing page is a great page to share with people you might think are interested in a fun and easy way to play lottery games and win every week. On this page, your prospects will see our short but informative LottoSpring video, which explains how the LottoSpring syndicate system works. This page also has a lot of other content explaining every aspect of  LottoSpring’s benefits, problems LottoSpring solves and the reasons why it’s worth joining a LottoSpring syndicate.

When somebody you referred clicks the“Join / Play Now” button they’re redirected to the registration page where they leave their name and email address. That means that even if they don’t join LottoSpring straight away they will get a sequence of automated emails on your behalf with a special offer at the end.

And, if/when they register with LottoSpring and buy a subscription they’ll join your team.

  1. General business opportunity landing page

Example of personal link: http://www.nextgenopp.com/?ref=bob

This landing page is designed for people who are interested in a Business Opportunity.  Your prospects will see a generic Business Opportunity video, without getting any details of our business. It’s ideal for driving cold, Business Opportunity traffic through online advertising or social media. When your prospects opt-in for more information they’ll automatically be redirected to the full ProSpring Opportunity landing page where they get more information about the business.

Share this link to qualify people interested in a Business Opportunity and we will turn them into your business partners by sending them cleverly designed emails and giving them an irresistible offer.

  1. ProSpring opportunity landing page

Example of personal link: http://www.nextgenopp.club/?ref=bob

This landing page is created for an audience who is ready to find out about our ProSpring and ProSpring VIP business opportunity. This page gives your prospects the full ProSpring opportunity presentation – both by video and information on the web page. It’s fully automated, so as soon as someone fills in the form they start getting emails with useful information to convert them into your business partners.

When your prospects sign up and buy a subscription through your personal page they automatically join your team.

  1. Giveaway Spring page

Example of personal link: http://www.giveawayspring.org/?ref=bob

This is a page created for pure fun and enjoyment! Everybody can register with Giveaway Spring and enter our free sweepstake competitions to win a BMW Series 1 Sports Car and lots more amazing prizes.  Plus, prospects who register here also get special deals from LottoSpring, which are only available for Giveaway Spring members.

Everyone who joins Giveaway Spring will start getting updates about upcoming competitions; newsletters with interesting news and emails from LottoSpring with special deals and last offers.

This is a great lander to share with all your friends to give then free entries to win prizes.  When they do they will also get juicy promotions to join LottoSpring. It’s easy to promote this page because even if they don’t join LottoSpring they will still be entered into competitions to win great prizes, including a car. They literally have nothing to lose!  However, if they do join LottoSpring using your link then they will automatically join your LottoSpring team.

Find a list of landing pages at your back office

If you have a registered account with LottoSpring you will find the list of all the landing pages you can share in your back office under the “Marketing Tools” tab. Each one has a name, short description and link address for sharing.

Log in to your playing account, copy your personal referral link to any landing page you want to share and send it to your friends using social media, any communication channel, email, Skype or messenger.

Find out how to share information on Facebook

What can be easier than just copy/paste and send a link to your friends in order to start playing and winning for free?

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