4 Ways LottoSpring is Boosting your Luck!


You may still believe that you need to be lucky to win a lottery jackpot – but as soon as you really get to know LottoSpring you’ll start to think different. This is a new type of lottery for movers and shakers, social butterflies and lotto players who like to tip the odds in their own favour. This is LottoSpring, the lottery game that’s designed to boost your luck and bring your jackpot dreams several… dozens…, and perhaps even hundreds of times closer. Here’s how it’s done:

1. The power of Syndicatehybrid-syndicate-lottospring-boost-luck

Playing as part of a lottery syndicate is a great way to multiply your chances of winning a lottery prize. Syndicates give you a better chance of winning as you’ll be playing many number combinations. 

2. Every player you introduce is another new chance


We think it’s only fair that the members who do the most to help this lottery thrive should have the best chances of winning – it’s our new meritocratic lotto philosophy! Every time you introduce a player to the game and add them to your team, you get an extra chance to win a jackpot share in every draw.

If you’re playing with friends, you’ll have more winning chances as you would if you were playing alone. Introduce 19 friends and your chance rockets up to 20 times its original level, and so on.

3. The overspill factor


When a player who joined up before you fills up all their team member spaces, any extra players they recruit will slot in neatly underneath you in the social chain. Which also means that you get extra chances to win a jackpot share without even lifting a finger!

4. The social domino effect


You don’t just get extra chances to win for every new player you invite to LottoSpring, but also, you get extra chances to win through the players they’ve invited, too. This structural feature means that asking contacts with large social networks is the best way to grow your team, as well as quickly multiply your chances.


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  1. I have been playing now for 20 weeks. I have won something in every draw. Total winnings now over $2000 Euros and its the same for my wife. Never in all my 67 years have I had so much fun playing lotto. I used to play and hope to win, now I play and expect to win. Oh and did I mention I play for free! Thanks Lottospring for putting together this system. Exciting times ahead. More info http://www.havesome.funurl.com

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