Why Our Webinar Postponement Is Good News For You?


Some surprises are awesome…

Our Founder and CEO, Jamie Mather, has been working hard on a Webinar for you to make it packed with a ton of good news and make our LottoSpring opportunity untouchable… even more exciting than it already is!

At the same time, our product team has been working on new developments, which were scheduled for delivery in a few months from now.  But guess what!?  They closed some pretty HUGE deals earlier than we expected! That means you don’t have to wait months and months to get access to them, because we are going to release them now along with all the other planned releases…

There is always a “BUT”!

All this is good news, isn’t it?  But here’s the thing… Because we want to announce these unexpected developments on the upcoming company Webinar we are going to need a few more days. That’s why the Webinar is being rescheduled for Monday 6th March 2017 to give us enough time to prepare all the additional announcements.

And that too is good news for all of us!  

Here’s why:

It means we have more time to spend our money advertising the live webinar to your prospects on Facebook!  Remember, we tagged EVERYONE who have visited your LottoSpring website and landing pages. So whenever we drive them back to LottoSpring, and they join in the money-making fun too, they’ll end up in your team and benefit you financially!

It also means you have more time to use the awesome free giveaway promotions, because we’re keeping them open until the end of this month!  Keep promoting them and increase your chances of picking up one, or more of the amazing freebies we’re giving away!

Therefore, as you can see, it’s awesome news all round!  Be ready for a real treat SHOCK when you attend the Webinar and find out what we got lined up for you.

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