Webinar Feedback & Announcement of the Giveaway Prizes


Fantastic Webinar = Happy LottoSpring Team = Excited players

06.03.17 we held our LottoSpring 2.0 Webinar… And guess what? IT WAS GREAT! It’s not only our opinion, but also comments from many of our Webinar attendees who loved it too. All the participants could share their thoughts and comments in a live chat box. Here are some of their comments about the Webinar:

Name Role Message
Johan Attendee Sounds like a winning formula!
Richard Attendee Fantastic – love the simple option
Kathy Attendee Great news
Pete Attendee Fantastic Jamie
Julie Attendee Thanks Jamie, Prash, Lena and the team
Mike Attendee Well done guys. Good and encouraging effort all round.
Barrie Attendee Great awesome amazing stunning go Jamie and Prash
Pete Attendee Thanks very much. great info
Gary Attendee This has all been very exciting guys, thank a lot for your work and catch you on the next Webinar 🙂
Gill Attendee Thanks guys… Brilliant!!


… And there were a ton more comments like these…

We’d like to thank all the people who attended the Webinar, stayed active during the whole session, shared comments in a chat box, wrote some great reviews, and have stayed loyal to LottoSpring!

“Thank you very much to all of you!”

Please don’t worry if you couldn’t attend the live Webinar.

Here is LottoSpring 2.0 Webinar Replay

Announcement of the Giveaway Winners…

Jamie Mather, LottoSpring CEO, and our top LottoSpring leader, Prash Patel, finally opened all the secrets about LottoSpring 2.0 and fired up the excitement of our players.

One of the best parts of our Webinar was the announcement of the lucky winners! As promised, we are giving away 27 prizes…

  • Dell Laptops (2 winners)
  • Iphone 7 (1 winner)
  • €100 Amazon Gift Vouchers (5 winners)
  • €50 Amazing Gift Vouchers (10 winners)
  • 10,000 Blitz Points Giveaway (6 winners)

Plus, there was a spot promotion for Webinar attendees (not necessarily active players):

  • 1,000 Free Blitz points each (3 winners)

25 winners, who qualified for our Promotion, were randomly picked by our system, and announced during live Webinar. All the winners should contact customer support via email ([email protected]) to get their prize.

Two winners will be chosen from Russian and German players, announced next week, and informed directly by email.

“Congratulations to all the lucky winners!”

We have some other news about the winners too… For some of you it’ll be good news, for some – it won’t…

Everybody was informed that to get the prize the winner needs to be on the webinar. The system picked random names from the list of people who qualified for the Promotion, but not all of them were on the Webinar. That means that some prizes will go to other players who turned up for the live Webinar. So, if you were with us live – you still have a chance to win one of many prizes still up for grabs!

The new winners will be announced next week after we confirm the information about the winners who didn’t attend the Webinar.

We will publish the 27 names of the lucky winners soon.  But don’t worry, we won’t share any personal information about them to insure their privacy.

We’re sure everyone’s curious about how it feels to be a winner.  So, it would be wonderful if you (the winners) can share your thoughts about your wins!  It’d be even better if you would agree to us sharing your comments in our magazine for everyone’s benefit. We’d appreciate your comments and permission.  Just email it to support and we’ll be very grateful.

So, what can we say?

“Sorry to those who are disqualified… and
Good luck to those who still have a chance!”

Forget everything you know about LottoSpring…LottoSpring 2.0 is coming!!! It is changing for the better… MUCH BETTER! It’s going to be more interesting & exciting, and the opportunity will become bigger… MUCH BIGGER!

We will be publishing tons of new articles explaining how LottoSpring 2.0 works step by step. Coming soon…

“Don’t miss the best opportunity ever!”

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