Upgrading to ProSpring Membership


Once you realize the massive benefits of being a ProSpring Member, it’s highly likely you’ll want to upgrade your account to our Pro Membership.

To do this, you simply need to login to your account, go to your dashboard, and then proceed clicking the “Manage & Upgrade” button at the top of the page.

In the “Next Cycle” window, select ProSpring from the “Planned Membership Level” drop down menu.

So You’ve Decided to Upgrade or Downgrade—What to Do?

Once you’ve decided to upgrade, it will take effect after the end of the current subscription cycle. The same applies to downgrading your subscription membership level. If you do choose to downgrade from ProSpring to LottoSpring membership, it will apply at the end of the current cycle. You can easily see the duration of your current subscription from the Subscription Management screen.

There maybe times in between cycles wherein this function could be disabled. While the software creates your next 8 games, you have to make sure not to leave it until the last second.

Once subscription cycle has been set, it is not possible to change at mid-cycle without completely cancelling your account and position. For this reason, it’s wise to be careful when using this upgrade/downgrade option.

LottoSpring does NOT store people’s credit card or other payment provider’s details. Every time someone pays using their credit card or other method, are issued a unique payment token. These tokens may come from different types of financial institutions. The use of banks, credit cards or any payment providers that will allow us to process the said payment.

It is necessary to make a payment while upgrading or downgrading your account. We are essentially creating a new type of account for you that may need a new payment token associated with the account. Therefore, when you downgrade or upgrade you have to make a one-month advance payment.

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