Why some players are showing inactive status and cannot renew their subscriptions in LottoSpring… for now!


We’ve been receiving emails from players about why they’re showing as inactive, don’t have tickets in the current cycle of games and can’t renew their subscriptions. We thought this short article explaining the situation, and answering some of your questions, would help.

Now, as you know, LottoSpring is making major upgrades to become bigger and better for players and business-builders alike! These changes include not only upgrades, new features and rules, games and syndicate system, but also a process of compression, new landing pages, new platform, better offers and so on. This requires complex migration of players’ databases over to a new platform.

This process is complicated and we need time to get it absolutely right!

In fact, we need a full month of hardcore tech development without any games running in the background.  This is why the current games cycle, which began on 28th March, is the final cycle of LottoSpring 1.0 and will end on 21st April 2016.

You see everybody’s game cycles begin and end at different times of the month…some players will finish their cycles earlier, some of them exactly on 21st April, and some members have already finished their last cycles. In fact, anyone who has already finished their cycle can no longer renew their subscriptions in LottoSpring 1.0. Now we are just waiting for the rest of our players to finish their cycles.

And that’s why we don’t want any more game cycles to begin so the tech team can do their thing when this one ends.  They need to begin the delicate task of switching from LottoSpring 1.0 to LottoSpring 2.0… carefully.

It’s the need for this downtime that’s causing confusion and concern.

That’s why we want to reassure you of the following:

  • If you were active on 28th March but are now showing as inactive, and don’t have any more tickets in the current games, don’t worry. This means that your current games cycle has come to an end and the system will now hold your cycle and reactivate you when LottoSpring 2.0 starts on 6th June 2017.
  • If you were inactive on 28th March, but did a manual DEPOSIT to fund your account in time for the compression deadline, then don’t worry. This also means that the system will now hold your funds and reactivate you when LottoSpring 2.0 starts on 6th June 2017.
  • If you have funds in your account, don’t worry. We won’t be taking any payments from you until LottoSpring 2.0 is live.  Your money is safe and secure in your account.  You can check your balance in your back office for peace of mind.
  • Plus, if you qualified for our reactivation Blitz Points promotion, don’t worry. They will be added to your accounts later on in time to run in our new LottoSpring 2.0 Blitz Game.

To cut a long story short – everybody who was active on the 28th of March, or made a deposit within a few days around 28th March, have already secured their positions in LottoSpring 2.0 and saved their accounts from compression. Right after we finish the last period in LottoSpring 1.0 you will be ready for a new start in LottoSpring 2.0!

What’s next?

We know you’re excited and don’t want to wait until 24th April to start building your teams.  So to help you to keep your momentum going, we’ve made sure you can continue to sign up new members on our current LottoSpring site.  Don’t worry… we’ve made sure they will 100% be linked to you in the new LottoSpring 2.0.

This means that, for the time being, you can start using the new Lotto and Pro-VIP PDFs to present the opportunity and register new members in your team.  To reserve their places they simply need load their new account with either €33, €66 or €99, using the DEPOSIT function, depending on their desired subscription level.

Then, from 24th April, we will start our LottoSpring 2.0 pre-launch campaign and all active players (new and old) will be able to buy their new packs and invite others to join their teams.  New members will be able to join directly on the new LottoSpring 2.0 site, choose and pay for their subscriptions and refer others to start building their teams.  Everyone will get allocated to new Syndicates in preparation for the launch of LottoSpring 2.0 games on 6th June 2017.

And, we will start releasing new landing pages, new web-site, will launch new offers and promotions, make marketing material available (PDFs, video, new articles), and announce more exciting news on an ongoing basis throughout the Pre-Launch period.

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