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If you have ever attended a live webinar or online seminar, you will know how immensely powerful they can be, especially for people to get over their message and ideas. But setting up, and operating these online webinars can be technically complex, time consuming, and in some cases expensive. In the words of the great sage, Bob Dylan: “Times they are a changing.” There are new, amazing and FREE ways to get your message across, while still keeping your social circles excited, educated and engaged in making the prizes flow.

This technology is called BLAB and is available right now for anyone to use. I recommend heading over there and creating an account to check out what “Blabs” are. They are currently live on air. It’s connected to Twitter, so if you don’t have a Twitter account, I suggest you create one and start following us at ProSpringtweet as early as possible.

Once you’ve done that, you are ready to start browsing the wealth of online events from the comfort of your home. There are blabs on every subject; From entertainment, cooking, to education and business. Once you watch a few, you will soon notice that it’s easy to create your own by just using a webcam and a microphone. While most of which are built in to laptops and computers

After Account Setup Using Blab, What Next?

You can start a live Blab on the spot or you can schedule one for the future and share the link with people who are very keen to hear your experiences. You can even record the Blab and use the link to share the recording. What’s more, you can make It publicly accessible if you want, so other people (potential leads) can find it on the Blab Library and hear what you have to say.

If doing this live camera presentation is not your thing, then no problem at all. There are far many other things you can do to share the winning message. But, if you love the limelight and want a simple, free way of galvanizing your team and sharing success stories, then this is most definitely is the way to go.

Head over to and have a play around.

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