Holiday Destinations for the Rich – Part 1


Those who have more money to spend are going to want to spend some of it on luxurious vacations. If you are one of the few to strike it lucky and win the lottery, you may be wondering where the rich go for vacation. Here are some popular holiday destinations for the rich that you will definitely want to

With beautiful sandy beaches, clear waters, amazing natural beauty, finest accommodations and restaurants in the world — all of these destinations are favorites for those who are rich and famous. They also offer some escape and seclusion from the real world. As we all know, those with money like to come out of the limelight and enjoy privacy every day. Plus, all these travels are some great ways to do those escapes!

If you aren’t limited by finances, as are most people, you can take your trip a step above and beyond. You can have a private playground, so to speak, for a few days. Together with your family, or close friends, you will enjoy the greater locations and activities that few others can appreciate. Here are the top holiday spots for those who are rich. Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure only few have the opportunity to enjoy!

Ten Great Holiday Destinations the Rich will Love!

1. While you don’t have to be rich to go there, having money can make a trip to Las Vegas much more fun! With plenty of casinos and gambling opportunities, including almost 200,000 slot machines. You can increase your bank accounts while vacationing there. But, if you have the cash, the sky’s the limit. You can see great entertainment, enjoy fine restaurants, stay in the most magnificent hotels — all these you can do while enjoying every luxuries the big city can offer.


We Welcome You to The Vegas World!

Las Vegas by day
Las Vegas at night


Las Vegas in action

2. Next in your list for stop-over should be Monaco. A luxurious city located on the French Riviera. This place is home to more billionaires and millionaires per capita worldwide. Since then, Monaco is considered as a tax haven. Regarded as a home to the most expensive real estates in the world, with an average property going for $5,408 per square foot. It is also a home to some of the best hotels and casinos including some of the world’s largest yachts.


Monaco from the sky


Monaco by day


Monaco at night


Monaco in motion

3. Having some of the best hotels in the world, Dubai is the home for luxury living. Offering 7-star hotels, indoor ski parks, underwater hotels, marinas, islands, and a lot more! Monaco worked itself out to become one of the world’s hottest vacation destinations in the world.


View of Dubai from the sky


Dubai at daytime


Dubai during the night


Dubai’s entertainment

4. Ibiza is where the rich go to party. Having a stunning coastline of more than 50 beaches and tiny coves, the island is dotted with the most exquisite restaurants and overwhelming local culture. Also, Ibiza is a home to one of the best accommodations in the Mediterranean.


Ibiza from the sky view


Ibiza by daylight


Ibiza’s nightlife


Ibiza in motion entertainment
Sunset in Ibiza
Beach in Ibiza

5. Your Caribbean dreams can come true in St. Barts. You will find here designer boutiques, immaculate beaches, luxurious yachts, amazing accommodations, and lots of privacy. Definitely, a place with everything that allows you to get away from everything at the same time!

Paradise in Caribbean


Caribbean beach


Caribbean Sunset


Caribbean at night


Private bungalow in Caribbean

To be continued in the next article “Part 2”…

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