Golden Graham’s 1000 Euro Win – a Lucky LottoSpring story from England


The prizes available for LottoSpring winners with smaller number of matches are usually larger compared to similar matches in a lotto like Euro Millions’ euro win.

Friday’s lucky 1000 Euro Win!

Graham Lock_ticket

One of our players – an Englishman called Graham – matched 4 numbers and won 1000 euros with a personal ticket in July’s LottoSpring Mega 50 Draw.

Had Graham played with the same numbers in a standard EuroMillions lotto game, his payout would have been a measly 95 euros. That’s less than 10% of Graham’s LottoSpring prize!

This is just one of the many reasons why LottoSpring is the best lottery in the world.

Here’s why LottoSpring makes for one of the best online social lottery gaming site:

Becoming a member of LottoSpring Syndicate system effectively means you are playing with 97 tickets in your pocket, including your personal tickets. As a result of these, you have 97 chances to grab a piece of the massive Jackpot prize.

As been explained, syndicates are forms and ways of getting odds in the lottery.  This is the very best nature of LottoSpring and ProSpring. You can actually read complete details about our amazing syndicate model via the link here.

Here’s what Graham said about his lucky win:

Graham Lock-2






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