Downgrading to LottoSpring Membership


Certian things must be considered first before downgrading. You may downgrade your membership from ProSpring to LottoSpring at any time. However, changes will not show during your current subscription cycle.

All changes in Subscription status between LottoSpring and ProSpring takes effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle. Therefore, you’ll carry on as a ProSpring Member until the end of your current cycle. Henceforth, the system will automatically downgrade you before the next cycle and once payment has been taken. 

Review and Analyze the List Below before Downgrading:

  • As a ProSpring Founding Member, you’ll be entitled for Tuesday and Friday Giveaway Tickets. Normal Pro Members are only able to get one giveaway ticket per week. Once downgraded to LottoSpring, you will lose your ProFounder Status. So even if you upgrade later, you will not get the benefits.
  • You will miss Blitz Points from ProSpring Members in your downline from this point forward when you downgrade. These missing blitz points will never be recovered.
  • ProSpring members you personally invited will only count as LottoSpring members in your Play for FREE Refund.
  • Star Ranking Status will be lost including all progress you’ve made through this ranking system. It will be like joining again or creating a new start.
  • You will no longer have access to any of the ProScreens and information. Tools or information are provided through the screen.
  • You won’t be allowed to participate in company Pro-Level Leadership Calls or Webinars.

Our Recommendation for ProSpring Members

Should you want to reduce the cost of your ProSpring Membership, try looking for 3 new LottoSpring members to reduce the cost by €33. Else, find 3 prospective ProSpring Members, and thus reducing it to ZERO cost.

However, if you want to understand the impact of downgrading— you may do so by logging in to your dashboard. You have to choose “Manage & Upgrade” and then select the LottoSpring option using “Next Cycle” window. To finish the process, you need to pay €33. Thus, downgrading your account from the next payment cycle onwards. You can easily see what your current cycle and next cycle are in the “Subscription Management” screen.

LottoSpring does NOT store people’s credit card or other payment provider’s details. Once someone pays using their credit card or other method, they are given a payment token. These tokens may come from different types of financial companies. The use of  these banks, credit cards and other payment providers will allow us to process the said payments easily.

It is therefore, necessary to make a payment while upgrading or downgrading your account. We are essentially creating a new type of account for you. This may need a new payment token associated with the account. Thus, when you downgrade or upgrade, you will need to make a one-month advance payment.

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