How Blitz Tickets, Blitz Points, and the Blitz Draw work


What are Blitz Tickets?

Blitz Tickets are one of the most powerful (and certainly most exciting) aspects of LottoSpring and perhaps one of the most amazing tickets in Lotto history. As you may already know, every single Blitz Ticket is a winner. If you have one of these tickets, then you are definitely walking away with a prize between €1 and €50,000, as you can see in this prize table:


Blitz Tickets are automatically generated using a random number generator built into our system. As many members quickly found out, attempting to choose your own numbers for every Blitz ticket would be a near impossible (and very annoying) task as the tickets start to stack up quite quickly as your Social Circles grow.

Blitz Tickets have quickly become one of the most popular features of LottoSpring and it’s not difficult to see why. Guaranteed wins for every ticket is a hard thing to ignore. Many of our most successful members use Blitz Tickets as their main income – it’s truly amazing!

Blitz tickets use only 5 numbers instead of the 5 numbers plus 2 lucky star numbers that the Mega5, Mega10, and Mega50 draws use. These numbers are then matched against the Euro Millions draw to maintain complete transparency. You can see how many Blitz tickets you have in the next draw by going to the “My Tickets” tab in your LottoSpring dashboard.

What are Blitz Points and how do I get them?

Blitz points can be earned in several ways, however, the main method of collecting Blitz points is through the members of your Social Circles as every single person qualifies you for points.

You earn points from these members as follows:

300 points/month = Directly Invited Lotto Members

100 points/month = All other Lotto Members in your Social Circles

600* points/month = Directly Invited Pro Members (if you are also Pro)

200* points/month = All other Pro Members in your Social Circles (if you are also Pro)

Here’s a full table:

Blitz Points Awarded

for each 4 Week Subscription

You are


You are


LottoSpring Members (Personally Invited)



LottoSpring Members (Indirectly Invited)



ProSpring Members (Personally Invited)



ProSpring Members (indirectly Invited)



* As you move up through the Star Ranks, you will start receiving more points for your Pro Players as well as unlocking further Social Circles.

From time to time we have other ways of earning Blitz Points through special offers, promotions, or just because we love you so much!

For every 300 Blitz points you earn, we automatically issue you a Blitz ticket. You can see a record of your Blitz points in your dashboard under the tab: “Blitz Points

When is the Blitz Draw?

Once your Blitz points have been converted to Blitz tickets, those tickets are entered into our Blitz Draw which takes place every Friday. You can check the results of the Blitz draw (along with the Mega5, Mega10, and Mega50 draws) by going to the “Winnings” tab in your Dashboard.

You can filter the table by clicking the filter link and then selecting “Blitz ticket wins” in the “Show” drop down.

UPDATE: Blitz points for direct referrals has increased – check out the article here for more details

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