7 Ways LottoSpring is Special


If you’re a LottoSpring player, you will have already known that this revolutionary lottery experience is something special. This is a lottery for smart players who want to make their own luck. A lottery for people who want to share the fun with friends. Above all else, it’s a lottery for winners.

Here are 7 reasons we think LottoSpring brings the best and special lottery service on the face of the Earth:

We’re 100% online we-are-100-online

Playing lottery with paper tickets makes no sense whatsoever. You’re wasting precious time queuing up for a ticket. You may even lose that ticket before you find out whether or not it’s a winner, plus you’re using up paper and probably fuel while doing so. Lose, lose, lose.
LottoSpring is 100% online allowing users to connect, to manage their plays safely and efficiently. No winning tickets get lost, no trees are chopped down, and we’re more connected than ever.

We’re social we-are-social

LottoSpring’s focus on team play has caused a more social approach to lottery to blossom throughout our membership — both online and in-person. Lottery draws are so much more thrilling when you can share in the tension and success with other lottery-lovers!

You can play for free play-for-free

Once you have securely referred three or more active players, your LottoSpring membership is absolutely free! What other lottery lets you play for serious money without spending a thing on your entries?

We reward loyalty we-reward-loyalty

Did you know our loyal players get bonus points that could translate into thousands of euros in prize money? Any LottoSpring member can earn Blitz Points and gain multiple entries to our fantastic Blitz Draws by inviting friends or performing other actions that enrich our social lotto community.

Win when your friends win win-when-friends-win

Nobody likes being left out when their friends have something to celebrate. Thankfully, our Multiwin system keeps everyone happy by handing out Jackpot shares when your friend’s syndicate wins.

Syndicate lotto for a real winning chance real-winning-chance

Lottery is always fun, but it’s definitely at its best when you’re winning. Our players have higher chances to win than regular lottery players, because we operate using an advanced syndicate model that’s designed specifically to offer the best chance of a win whilst guaranteeing big prizes. Just like playing with hundreds tickets in your pocket!

Star ranking system six-star-ranking-system

Remember those lovely Blitz points we mentioned earlier? Well, you can earn them by the bucket-load, and by climbing the ranks of our Star ranking system! The more people you bring into the LottoSpring community, the further up the scale you will progress, and the bigger the rewards you will collect and earn!

JOIN LottoSpring NOW and start using all the AMAZING membership BENEFITS.

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